Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

It's WEDNESDAY! I've rubbed the cat tree and our magical has appeared, ready to grant your three wishes! Use them wisely!

Here are my wishes for the week:

1) Balance - I have a big presentation for a troubled teen home that I am preparing for next week. Yes, in the middle of my rewrite goal, I booked a presentation with Lily. While the presentation already exists, I'm actually transferring it all to PowerPoint. With loads of pictures. Did I mention it has to be ready by next Wednesday night? Sigh. I did this to myself. I really could use the flip board and the teens are much more excited to spend time with Lily than to listen to me, but this is important to me because I will be able to use this new PowerPoint to educate adult groups and typical high school students as well. If only I wasn't such a perfectionist. Sometimes I think I create stress because I'm most comfortable when I'm crazy busy. Go figure. Oh, and I don't have the weekend because we'll be out of town. Good times!

2) Organized Office - I want to come home and have it completely organized. It's the one room in the house that has me completely flummoxed. Aside from the file cabinet that I have so anally organized so that I can reach any bill, medical form, etc. in a snap, the rest of the office feels like it is slowly starting to spill over into the rest of the space. I'm trying to find room for all my Paws and Learn stuff (student handouts, teacher handouts, props, ideas for future articles/blog posts, articles to include in future presentations), my scrapbooking (though I haven't done a thing in almost three years now) and my writing (four different journals, manuscripts, etc.). I'm not digging the system that I have at the moment. It's organized, but it isn't working the way I thought that it would. I'm running out of room for my writing as well. I want a Magic Office Genie to spin around my office, papers flying in her wake, then have everything magically where it would work best for me when she stops with a flourish of her arms.

3) Cooler weather! I'm such a baby when it comes to the heat. I much prefer the winter. I love overcast days where you can feel the chill through the windows. I love to snuggle up with Lily on the couch, rock my laptop and write while my Balsam Fir candle fills the room with the smell of the forest. I love hot chocolate and cold noses and rain drops and big sweaters and fires roaring in the fireplace. I love the sound of a good storm - thunder booming and shaking, rain tapping on the window panes. I'm over summer already and this is only the second warm day we've had in L.A.! While my husband longs for more of this weather (the man comes home and RUNS in 90+ degree weather!), I long for late October when the cool weather drifts back through SoCal. However, I will settle for 70 degree weather instead. Heck, I'll even be okay if it hits 80 degrees! Just not more than that, please.

What about you? What are your three wishes for Wednesday this week?


  1. Hey girl!!!! These were great wishes today! I love this cute little segment! Hmm my three wishes:

    1. Structure - My husband starts school next week (full-time) with his full-time job. I will miss him dearly but it will be good for writing. I am praying that I can finish my current wip and dig into revisions on one of my completed first drafts. I also hope the hubs can handle the work load he's put on himself.
    2. Time - As you can see I'm already busy but last night my husbands family announced they'd be visiting in two weeks time, so now I need to make sure we balance our time correctly to have a good time and not over-extend ourselves!
    3. Cool weather - Yes I cheated but I loved the way you made it sound!!! I want that, LOL!

  2. Love your three wishes and I would like those things too, especially the neater office/house thing (I am so disorganized). But what I would really wish for is 1. Mockingjay to come to my house TODAY!! 2. My beta readers to finish today!! Ok, that would only be two days out, but this is wishing right? 3. My father to lose his stubbornness - long story short, he lives 5 hours away and is basically stranded in his house with a bad back and hip, but he refuses to move any closer to my sisters and I. Very stubborn guy.

    have a good one. :)