Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh, Oh, Listen To The Music

While I have found that I can write in a crowded teacher's lounge when inspiration strikes, my ideal writing setting is at home with the windows open for breeze, a scented candle burning and music on. What do I listen to? It depends on my mood and what I am writing. I have several playlists specifically for my writing on my iPod and iTunes. I also have You Tube up when I'm in the mood for something I don't have downloaded. I am very visual so I can picture scenes unfolding as I listen to the music. Music can help me sort through a scene. I use it as a tool in the car sometimes as well. A song that isn't on my playlist may come on while I'm running errands and suddenly I am inspired! The scene unfolds before me. I can hardly wait to get home and write it!

For my current WIP, The Healing, I listened more to Native American flute music (R Carlos Nakai), Celtic, New Agey sounds with little to no background vocals. It takes place in a forest so I feel more connected to the story, the characters and the setting when I have Native American flutes or Celtic music flowing into my ears. My Balsam Fir scented candle also helps the mood.

I have a dystopian idea that I've been brainstorming over the last month or so. Evanescence "Fallen" sets the tone for that one. Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I've been playing Niyaz as well. Not exactly end of the world music, but it's haunting and beautiful. It works to take me forward to the new world.

What about you - does music inspire you? What's on your play list when you write?

Give us some recommendations!


  1. You'd think a writer would want something peaceful but oh no, I've gotta have heart-pumping music usually. I listen to a lot of indie music and pretty much any music with some catchy guitar or vocals. Give me The Vines, Arctic Monkeys, Placebo, Crash Kings, Band of Skulls, Cage The Elephant, Franz Ferdinand, Kings of Leon. It may seem out of place, but I really love Rage Against the Machine and The Fray, too. Strange mix ;)

    The music is incredibly inspiring. Muse (one of my favorites as well) worked for Stephanie Meyer.

  2. Music is a HUGE inspiration to me. Seriously. I can't write without music. At all. I need it.

    I even match songs to moments in my own life. Music is seriously important to me. I can't really express that enough. My playlists are combinations of various artists. A song per chapter.

    My favorite type of music is Indie but I literally listen to everything and am varied in my tastes. Except for Rap. I'm sorry to all rap lovers but rap does absolutely nothing for me. But I love everything else, classical, techno, new age, rock, country, yeah, I can go on.

  3. Music for me all depends on my character and what they enjoy.

    For The Travelers/Finding Me things like A Fine Frenzy and Imogen Heap were perfect along with a bit of Plumb.

    For Sadie she's more a paramore junkie.

    And for my girl Fina, she takes an entirely different approach, a lovable flying fairy who adores the soft stylings of streams, birds and nature in itself!

    Great post! PS I got your participation comment for the informal book club! Just shoot me your address when you're free and I'll send the letter out!