Monday, August 23, 2010

A Germaphobic Dream

My best friend Mel bought this for me. She's always bringing me anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. Kids are germy and I cringe as I'm teaching Dog Bite Prevention at the number of kids picking their nose that will soon be "petting" my dog puppet. I even had a girl vomit, wipe it off her chin and then pet the puppet as she passed me on the way out of the classroom. Lysol is also my friend. I carry a pocket Lysol that cleans the puppet after certain extensive nose picking and vomiting classes. I use my PocketBac as soon as I'm done at the grocery store (or any public place for that matter). Laugh if you must, but I haven't been sick in over a year. Granted, the last thing I had was H1N1, but that was only because some rude person who had it coughed on me throughout a midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. If he had been seated elsewhere in the theater, I wouldn't have gotten it thanks to my trusty PocketBac. But I'm completely off topic here...The point of this blog was...


Nothing thrills my little heart more than clean - clean house, clean car, clean hands and now, a clean manuscript! This week I am buckling down, pulling out the pen and using it like that Vampire Blood PocketBac. I'm going to get all those little germies out. I plan to chunk it and finish the cleansing of the first third by the end of the week. That gives me until next Sunday to sanitize the first 100 pages.

Anyone care to join me in setting a writing goal this week? You don't have to be cleaning like I am! You can be starting a shiny new idea!

If you're interested in the PocketBacs - Bath and Body Works has their Halloween line out, which is where Mel got this one.


  1. I need a writing goal! I'm going to try to write a chapter....
    and btw, I love clean too, it's just getting to clean that's the problem!

  2. As you already know, I'm on vacation, but I'll cheer you on in your writing goal. Go Jennie. Go Jennie. GOOOOOO Jennie!!!!

  3. Lydia - that sounds like a great goal!

    Angie - thanks for the cheers! Cheerleaders are always welcome!