Friday, August 6, 2010

FUN Fridays

To kick off this FUN Friday, here is a look at NEXT FUN Friday:

What a CUTE tote! And it's FULL of goodies! I can't think of more FUN for Friday the 13th than a SuMmEr GiVeAwAy. Winning it will be super easy (and did I mention FUN?)! Check back next week.

Back to this Friday's FUN!

I decided that today was going to be full of my favorite things. What could be more fun, right?

Strawberry Mini Wheats
Vanilla Lattes
Balsim Fir Candle
Xena Season Four on DVD (my fave season of my fave show!)
Kickboxing Workout (gotta make it FUN and nothings says FUN like uppercuts and round houses, right? Or maybe that's just me!)
Staples (post-its and binders and journals - oh my!)
Malt Balls (still have a few left for a little chocolate fix throughout the day)
Sushi for dinner!

Is it sad that Staples in on my FUN list?

I know there will be some IcE cReAm in there somewhere as well (maybe even more than once!!)! Oh, and a trip over to the WriteOn Con site for bit.

What about you? What do you do for FUN even if it's not on a Friday?


  1. Wow! Adorable tote!! That one I'll be giving a huge shout-out for! I am addicted to adorable cute totes and awesome, and I mean awesome goodies inside!! Woohoo for summer giveaways!!!

    Strawberry Mini Wheats? I must be out of the times... guess who's running to the store tonight!!! Guess what they're going to pick up?? You guessed it... I'm trying these bad boys out!

    I love a good strawberry banana cocktail after a long week, and a date with the hubs! Tomorrow is the zoo and a chick flick with my mom and sister. Oh and writing, always writing or thinking about writing!

  2. I had to laugh about Staples being an exciting trip. We have Office Max around here everywhere and I LOVE a trip to Office Max. Oh I could buy so much stuff there! Notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, folders, markers, envelopes for shipping books, omigosh I love that store! Your tote is so cute. I'd add all the stuff I mentioned and then a package of gum, and a little notepad, and a package of salted cashews!

  3. I write for fun, I suntan for fun and I love window shopping :)

  4. That tote is adorable!! My kids LOVE strawberry mini wheats. :-)