Thursday, August 19, 2010

Contests Thursday

There are some fabulous things happening around the Blog World. I don't want you missing out so I wanted to share!

Writing Contests:

Sara B. Larson is having a query contest. You can enter it here. The prize is a query critique! I highly recommend going all the way back to the beginning of her "My Path to Getting an Agent". There are six parts. It's a quick read and you will be inspired by her determination despite the things life threw at her. Ends August 20th so hurry!

Karen Gowen's having a Lettuce Write contest here. Submit your first three chapters by Saturday, August 21st. The best part? Brief review of your submission with suggestions for ways to improve whether you win or not. If you win? You get an opportunity to submit your full manuscript!

Other Contests:

My End of Summer Giveaway is here. Tote, books, candy and lip gloss! All you have to do to be entered is comment and include the first line of your WIP (or fave from a book). Tomorrow is the last day to get your entries in!

If you haven't yet checked out Lola's site, you have truly been missing out! She's entertaining, witty, funny and informative all rolled into one. We love her! Check out her Lola's EPIC Whatever Lola Wants Contest here. Ends on August 20th.

And don't forget Jen's Blogfest which starts TODAY! Click here for that fun.


  1. Hey Chick!!! Awesome contests!!! I'm really trying to pull for your contest! Love the tote!!!

    PS My blogfest is actually today, it's two parts, part one is today :) Stop by and take a guess!

  2. That's what happens when I write the blog post the night before and set it for today. I'm sorry! Correcting now!

  3. Hehe not to worry!!! I understand completely! I forget to spell check or correct dates when I pre-date all of my stuff on Sunday!

    I hope all is well :) Happy Thursday!

  4. Thanks for the mention! I'm glad you enjoyed my "path to getting an agent" series of posts. :-) These all sound like great contests!

  5. Great links, Jennie. I put you on my sidebar, too.

    First line of my 2nd WIP:
    Light as air, a little on the giddy side, with a rush of excitement thrumming in her ears—that’s how she’d passed the last two hours.