Sunday, August 8, 2010

Karen Gowen Says LETTUCE WRITE!

We all want to be published. As writers, it's part of the dream - sharing our words with the world. We've all heard the whispers of people who have been published under less conventional means. Karen Gowen's path to publication is one that falls "outside the box" (her words). It's an uplifting story of someone who believed in her work and forged forward. You can read Karen's story of her road to publishing here.

Karen is full of The Awesome (and not just because she loves Xena). She is very supportive of other writers. Karen does more than share her story. She has been hosting LETTUCE Contests. The current contest is LETTUCE WRITE. We are, after all, writers! Right? Write!

Submit your first three chapters of your manuscript. The submissions editor at WiDo Publishing, with Karen's help, will be reading them and picking the top THREE winners! Regardless of whether you are a winner, you still win because you will get a brief review and suggestions for ways to improve. For more details on this wonderful opportunity, click here. For more information about WiDo Publishing, click here.

Good luck to everyone! And thank you to Karen for always being so supportive.


  1. Jennie, what a lovely post! Thank you for your kind words and for doing such a comprehensive bit here. Karen

  2. sounds like an amazing opportunity. unfortunately I don't have a solid three chapters to send :( hmmmm I have short stories...

  3. Karen, I've been meaning to do this since you first posted the contest. I finally had time to give it the proper shout out. It's the least I can. You truly are very supportive and it's a great opportunity. Like you said, we need to SHARE it!