Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

It's WEDNESDAY! I've rubbed the cat tree and our magical has appeared, ready to grant your three wishes! Use them wisely!

My wishes this week:

1) A job at either Starbucks or Barnes & Noble. I'm serious. I need a little spending money and those would be my ideal working situations. Although that spending money would likely go right back into either store!

2) Some new recipes! That can count as one, right? I feel like I'm stuck in a dinner rut. I'm making what is easy and yummy, but I have about ten to fifteen things in the rotation and I need to switch it up. New, easy, yummy Vegetarian or Vegan recipes please!

3) A flying car. Not only am I tired of traffic, it would be nice to have a flying car that could take me Seattle to visit my parents (in time for dinner), Portland for an afternoon of hiking or coffee time with friends and Vancouver Island to see a dear friend that I miss terribly. I would do good things with the car. I would take passengers and drop them off at their destinations along the way...for FREE even!

What about you? What are your Wednesday Wishes

1 comment:

  1. wednesday wishes, hmmm 1) that I could go to school without bill problems lol 2) that the girls didn't fight every morning before school, and 3) that i could actually come up with something to write sometimes. :) as for recipes, I have vegetarian friend she loves grilling portabla mushrooms with seasonings to taste and she loves fondue with peanut sauce. if I had links for these I'd share them, but the fondue with peanut sauce is really tastey,