Monday, August 16, 2010

The Teeter Totter of Life

As a kid, I used to love love love the teeter totter. It was quite possibly my favorite thing on they playground. I was a small child but I still managed to push with my legs and launch myself high into the air, giggling as I went, no matter how much heavier the friend on the other end was. In my childhood, the up and down was fun! Now that I'm an adult, the teeter totter of life needs to be balanced. No more launching high up or falling down low. Finding that balance is extremely hard to achieve. I think as adults who write, this is especially true. We have very busy, fulfilling lives. Jobs, husband, friends, kids...then when you add in the reading (books on the craft, books in our genre), workshops, classes to hone our do we find that balance?

I have been going since I got out of bed this morning. Cleaning the house in preparation for the dog trainer (don't ask me why I thought she would care how spotless the house was). An hour and a half with the trainer here in the house and neighborhood. The great thing? My dog has been snoozing since the trainer left at 11:30am. That bought me some much needed quiet soon as I convinced The Hubster he needed to go for a run in his favorite park that is a twenty minute drive away. We're meeting my in-laws for dinner tonight. It's an hour drive to the restaurant. This left me four hours. What do I do? I have a book to read on writing, rewriting to do, blogging to do and a nap to take (very important). I started with the book, went in for the short cat nap (literally with one of the cats), am writing this blog post and will get an hour in on the rewrite before I have to get ready for dinner. This was an easy day. Balance worked today. Unfortunately, these days are all too few. And was it really balanced when I didn't get exercise in for myself? We have to weigh things and something or someone gets tossed off that teeter totter to achieve that balance. How do we make time for the writing without neglecting other areas of our lives? It's a very fine line we walk. Some days are teeters are up. Other days, we're tottering down. I find it's rare that I have a day where mine is completely flat across like the one in the picture above.

How do you find balance? And, to satisfy my own curiosity, what was your favorite playground toy?

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  1. I like this. Very much.

    I find balance by writing my stories. To be honest.

    My favorite play ground toy? A stick that I could pretend was a wand. Yeah, I have a THING for wishing magic was real.

  2. My favorite playground toy was the merry-go-round

  3. TEETER TOTTER ROCKED!!! That being said, balance is hard to come by. I do my best to take a moment to find structure and to put it in place, however I'm not always successful.

    I try to break up my week with blogging and writing and family time but there never seems to be enough time in a day (especially with that mandatory job to fit in). Sometimes you just got make it work!