Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SurvivorWriter Contest

Today, I am going to drop you into the Lakes Basin. You're only 9 miles from a trailhead, but that trailhead is a good 45 minutes (in a car, which you don't have) from a paved road. Once you hit that road, you are about a twenty minute drive to the nearest grocery store in a small town. Although, you are only five minutes from a coffee stand once you hit that asphalt (priorities, you know).

You are dropped alone with the following items:
Sleeping Bag

You have the clothes on your back so I hope that you layered. I went with longjohns underneath jeans and a t-shirt with a sweatshirt over it. I'm wearing two pairs of socks in my tennis shoes and a beanie on my head.

You have to make it 7 days on your own. Your prize for surviving the week will be a whopping $100,000. (Not in reality, though. In reality, the prize is much smaller. See below for details.)

In the backpack, you have a water bottle, iodine tablets (for purifying your water), waterproof matches, a swiss army knife, a small frying pan and a book on edible plants. You get to choose THREE items to add to your backpack. What would you add and how would it help you survive the week? You can be realistic (fish hook to help you catch fish, rope to help make a snare, etc.) or you can use your imagination (shiny object to give to the Fae in exchange for a bed and meals, trading Bigfoot fish for protection from the cougar who roams the territory, etc.).

Most creative answer wins a $10 Starbucks card. That's almost three grande skinny vanilla lattes, or three tall Americanos. Who doesn't love coffee???

So how do you score yourself this Starbucks card?

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3. Comment (Don't forget to list the 3 items you will need and how you will use them. Include your email address so that I can pick the winner!)

Winner will be announced on SATURDAY! Dazzle me and you win the prize!


  1. So much fun!!!! Okay so here is what I've decided for my three extra items!

    1. Flashlight
    2. Loaded Gun
    3. Bug Spray

    My reasoning behind it all you ask?? Well the flashlight is for safety, I mean the moon can only give you much light. I would be careful how I use it all because I don't want it to attract things. A loaded gun would be to kill my protein. I mean a girl has to eat! Last but not least, bug spray... because I really dislike bugs.

  2. Jen said there was coffee involved over here, so I came running! :-)


    1. My own Original Star Trek food replicator (so I can tell it what I want to eat or drink and have it simply appear)

    2. A high quality stun-gun to protect me from the animals without having to hurt any of them

    3. A hover board (so my feet don't get too sore) :-)

  3. I'm bringing a box of Via, a gallon of milk, and a bottle of vanilla syrup, because I can totally survive that long on vanilla lattes alone. In fact, I might give you the frying pan back for a good sized mug. ;)

  4. A bottle of whiskey, wool socks, and a fully loaded Kindle! (I realize I am sort of cheating with the Kindle thing, but a girls got to read!)

  5. I love this idea. It's awesome!
    Normally, I'd say a slingshot, a tarp, and fishing line,
    but I'm going to have fun.

    Instead I'd bring:
    1) A toothbrush. Because in the wild, furry teeth are the worst thing ever. Worse than bears.
    2) Lord of the Flies (so I can have really bad dreams about Piggy's brain smashing on a rock and be afraid the other wild kids are gonna kill me)
    3) A large slab of well cured bacon. What else am I going to cook in that frypan? A freakin' fish? No way.

  6. Hi! I'm here to enter your contest. Jen from Unedited sent me, so...
    1) I would shrink her and put her in my backpack, because I love her blog so much. (Hmm... I guess if shrinking her didn't work out I would bring a lap top and hope for wi-fi.
    2.) Secondly, I would bring my prenatal vitamins because I am pregnant and responsible.
    3.) Finally, I would bring a pen and paper. I know that is two things but I would smuggle the pen by hiding it in the rings on the side of the notebook, which would be one of those jumbo ones which sections for different classes. Since I am going to be stranded, I'll finally have time to finish my novel.

    And my mini-Jen can edit. ;)

  7. You guys rock!!! Thank you so much for stopping by to see one of my new besties!!!! I love seeing all the responses and Jenn you are going to have a hard time choosing due to all the awesomeness!

    My money is on Amber Tidd Murphy ;) She seriously rocks and I can't wait to be mini-Jen and go on the adventure with her! My feet would never hurt, I mean who doesn't love to be carried everywhere!!!

  8. Ok well First I love your blog so no matter what I am following lol.

    Iam not generally too creative but here goes..

    1) My husand because I don't go anywhere with him haha and he is a bit more resourceful than me! (My back pack is really really super large)

    2) Suntan lotion becasue hello I am paler than snow white and If I am going to be greeted by reporters at the end of my journey (because by the end I will be a celebrity you know) I am so not looking like a lobster.

    3) The purple crayon.... you know the one from the childrens book Harold and the purple crayon so I can draw everything else I need.... like a car, better food, bottled water, lipgloss, a king size bed, you know the works!!!

    Awesome post idea!!

  9. This is going to be difficult indeed, Jen! Thanks for sharing the love. There are so many great ideas here - Mini-Jen, Via (and I agree you can live on vanilla lattes alone for the week!), stun gun (I don't like hurting the critters either, Shannon!), whiskey (my dad had his glass of Gentleman Jack every night we were camping!)...I almost added toothbrush to the list of items included in the backpack. Blame the hubster. He said I shouldn't include it because I was already giving everyone too much help. He can be Les Stroud hardcare sometimes. This is soooo much fun! Here are mine (practical):

    1. Industrial sized can of black beans (because I'm vegetarian and they go with EVERYTHING - especially tasty with the green onions that grow so abundantly up there).

    2. Headlamp (more for reading than hiking after dark).

    3. My Lord of the Rings boxed set because it's boxed and unwrapped so it only counts as ONE item (and I can't think of a more fitting time or place to open it).

    The purple crayon idea could really come in handy to draw whatever we need!

  10. I'm a new follower! Jen at Unedited sent me.

    Okay, so I would take:

    1. My dog Yoda... because he's a tiny chihuahua that would fit in my backpack, and he would at least scare off other animals with his constant barking... plus ya know, he has super Jedi powers.

    2. A bottle of Jack... to brush my teeth with every morning so I feel like P.Diddy. Plus, if I get cold it will warm me up... and if I get scared I can knock myself out!

    3. My Twilight Box set... cause if you can take Lord of the Rings than I can take Twilight... and that can totally occupy me for 7 days.

  11. Oh what fun! My three objects would be:

    1 ) A pop-up castle, complete with central heating, in-built satellite communications and a drawbridge to hold off any wandering meanies.

    2) A mircaulous 'Grow Your Own Food and Drink For Seven Days' kit that only needs central heating for it to work.

    3) A nice warm fleece 'slanket' that I can drape over me while I read my book on edible plants, drinking hot chocolate from my Grow Food kit, cosy from the central heating as the wind howls outside the castle.