Monday, April 25, 2011

We Interrupt This Break to Bring You

We've been waiting patiently for a week now...watching for the mailman, getting disappointed when no package came...

It came!! It came, it came, it came!
My ARC of CREEP by Jennifer Hillier!
(No pic of the cover because I can't remember now if Jenny had released it yet, but it's the COOLEST cover!)

So forgive this picture,
but I'm GEEKING out.
And I SUUUCK at taking pictures of myself. Otherwise, you would have a picture of me doing a cheer.

Even the dogs are excited...
Okay, not really. But they should be!

This is really what Lily is doing right now...
That was our new sofa bought as a sleeper for guests. It hasn't been a sofa since Lily discovered it was a bed.



I'm five pages away from being done with my rewrite so my reward to myself is going to be a bowl of popcorn, a glass of iced green tea and some CREEP!

Thanks, Jenny.

And if you're not following her, jump on over and do so. She's one of the funniest people you will EVER read. Her blog will quickly become a FAVE.

Click here to pre-order CREEP on Amazon.

Back to writing so that I can get my CREEP on tonight!

Friday, April 8, 2011

FUN Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Just popping in to keep everyone on their toes. Alex was kind enough to feature me as his 'G' for the blogfest! How COOL is that?!? I'm very flattered and super excited to welcome new people to my blog!

Did you know that dogs can snore?

Lily snores REALLY loud!
Here's what she looks like when she's snoring:

And when she's snoring with a friend:

And when she's sleeping with her sister
(they both snore, only she really drowns out Wednesday):

I heart Stephen Colbert. He and his BFF (for six months), Jimmy Fallon, had a bet. Colbert lost so he had to perform Rebecca Black's Friday on Late Night. Here it is (especially for Abby Minard, who introduced me to the song in the first place):

I was teaching a 3rd Grade Class City Wildlife. When I finished, I opened it up for questions. The first question?

Boy: Are you married?
Me: Yes.
Boy: (pause) How married?
Me: Very, very married.
Boy: (complete with an aw shucks expression and arm movement) Aw, man!

I couldn't bring myself to ask 'why'. I turned my back to take another question, but he continued.

Boy: Because my dad really likes blondes. A lot. And you seem super cool.
Me: Thank you.
Boy: You're his type. Blonde and he likes his women curvy. (he stands up and waves his arms for curvy - curvier than I am)
Teacher: Miguel! We have had this conversation about inappropriate questions and gestures before.
Boy: (whiney) I'm just looking for a new stepmom.
Teacher: ENOUGH!

I leave you with this adorable video of a cat grooming a puppy:

We'll be spending the weekend indoors with the rain that is coming - this means I just might finish this round of rewrites! I've got Saturday afternoon Skype Crit Group and then we're hosting Game Night at our place with about 11 guests!

What about you - any fun weekend plans?

Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for April and Adoption

I was really looking forward to the A to Z Challenge this month, but I'm going to have back out of it. With over 900 bloggers, I know that I won't be missed. I've got rewrites that have to be finished and a query that has to be polished by the end of the month.

Add to that - we're going through the long process of trying to adopt. After not being able to have kids of our, we've made the decision to forgo fertility and just give a home to kids who need one. I want children to love, nurture and raise. They want a mom. Seems like a good fit. The process for county adoptions is long and drawn out - they want to make the right match so the children are home permanently. This means lots of trips to San Diego this month for interviews, parenting classes, etc. I felt that took precedent over the blogfest, no offense to the hosts. It's been a heartbreaking decade and this house is desperate for the sound of children's laughter. So are The Hubster and I. The adoption was the pebble that tipped the scales in favor of the month off.

I wish everyone luck with the challenge - have FUN! After all, that's why we do this. We love to write and it's so much fun! I'll be popping in to read everyone's blogs and comment here and there.

I will see you all in MAY!