Monday, November 1, 2010

Away We Go!

Up, up and away, my fellow NaNoers!

We're off! Racing toward that 50,000.

My blog schedule for the next month will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Mondays will be interviews with NaNo participants! So check back for that fun!

Wednesday will be Wednesday Wishes.

Friday will be our FUN Friday.

If I feel so inspired any other day of the week, I just may add a post or two. But no pressure. We'll see how it goes. But I'm making the vow right now - NO WHINING!

I was starting to get stressed out over NaNo, then I put the brakes on this afternoon. I don't want to do this if it isn't going to be FUN. I love to write and I REFUSE to take the joy out of it. I sat down and spent three hours this morning with character sketches, ideas and a rough outline. I'm very excited about this! The joy came back and the stress went out.

I had to do this because I got SICK. I was so stressed this past week at the thought of the next month that I ended up with a lovely cold. I stocked up today at the grocery store on lots of juice to flush my system. I proved to myself this morning that I can write IN BED. And I may actually be better for that a bad thing???

Anyway, off we go my friends! Up, up goes the word count. Up, up toward success! We can do this and it will be FUN! Flying with a magic umbrella fun even!

Grab my hand and let's soar up to the highest heights!

Who's with me?


  1. G'luck, Jennie!
    I'm not doing NaNoWriMo, instead I'm gonna try NaFiWiPMo (National Finish-my-WiP Month).

  2. And I'm doing FinYoDaNoMo. Finish your dang novel month.

  3. I’m very excited about starting NaNo although I’m stressed too. I will start writing (can’t wait) today after work. It will be hard for me to push out 50,000 words this month because I have a full time job and between mid November to mid January it becomes an even fuller time job. I will be lucky if I get one day off a week (last November I was getting 1 day off every 14 days.) and some days without 12 hour shifts.

  4. I am excited about doing NaNo (NaNoFinMo for me too). I'm just going to try to get done what I can and not stress too much. Have fun! Find me on NaNo- abbyminard.

  5. Good luck this month! Can't wait to see how you do!(but no pressure!!) It's really nice that you're taking the fun approach to it.

  6. sounds like a very doable schedule. Sorry you were sick--best of luck this month! :o)

  7. Yay for the joy coming back! And writing in bed is never, ever a bad idea in my opinion :) Good luck with NaNo! I'm sure you're going to rock it!

  8. Good luck Jennie! And feel better. :)

  9. I always write in bed! It is the best!

    Good luck!

  10. Go Jennie go! I'll be on the sidelines cheering with my pom poms and my "GO JENNIE GO!" banner!

    You can do it! :)