Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday


1) NaNo! I LOVE my idea. It's all I think about. I had to force myself to step away on Sunday. Which made me want it so much more on Monday! It's rolling along. Can't wait to put the Hubster to bed tonight (he's sick) so I can work on it some more. And speaking of beds...

2) My new BED - Beautyrest. Pillowtop. I've had the same mattress for 15 years. No box springs. Ikea frame. So we get the set, have it delivered, they put it on the frame...and it's HIGHER THAN the frame. We laughed. If we have an earthquake, we're gonna slide right off. But we'll be on the pillowtop mattress so it will cushion our fall. I love it. Love love love, as my Eva would have said. We went to bed after dinner on Thursday night. I've taken naps EVERY day. The cats won't get off it except to go to the bathroom and eat. It's the best thing ever. EVER.

3) The Walking Dead - I hate zombies. I really do. They scare me worse than anything. Except maybe fire. I was fine with zombies until 28 Days when they had zombies move FASTER. I want to be able to outrun them. That being said, if you can get me to watch a show WITH zombies - and keep coming back for more - you're doing something right! Loving this show. Still hating zombies, though.

4) Autumn Mix - I've eaten so much I'm sick. I don't even want to think what is in it. Candy corns and pumpkin mallowcreams and indian corn - oh my! I have eaten an entire bag in three days. Ugh. And I bought TWO bags because they were on sale. So I'll be doing extra exercise tomorrow.

5) Sequim, WA - Our friends moved up there with their three dogs this summer. The pictures they keep taunting us with...well, they're working.

They bought a house on two acres with a creek running through it and they hike the dogs EVERY day. It's green but without all the rain that Seattle gets. Want to be there now! I can see myself walking this trail with Lily and another dog!

6) Ayana - Her ears kill me!

She's Lily as a puppy, only Lily's ears weren't this big so I know this girl will be truer to the APBT bloodline than Lil is. Those ears scream it. Her velcro, loving demeanor does as well.

7) Gloria Jean's Madagascar Vanilla Caramel Coffee - It's the reason I'm getting out of bed in the morning and it gets me going whether I'm teaching or I'm writing!

8) Peppermint Tea - It's my evening obsession. Peppermint tea, candles and Niyaz help me crank out that last 1000 words!

9) Halls Honey Lemon Cough Drops - This obsession is long reaching. It's actually become problematic. I think we're in the addiction phase now. Here's the thing...I was really sick about two years ago (maybe longer now, I've lost track) and these became my reason for living through the cold (melodramatic much?). The problem? I'm still using them. Daily. The sugar free ones. The Hubster, a pharmacist, wants me off them. As far as he's concerned, I stopped partaking daily a year ago. The truth? I have a stash in my purse, in my underwear drawer, hidden in the very back of my make-up drawer, in the linen closet and one in the kitchen. Yes, I'm stocked. How has he not caught on? What I'm supposedly sucking on - Wintergreen Lifesavers - has been sitting in the kitchen on the counter for six months now. It was a big bag, sure. But not THAT big. Is he turning a blind eye to my addiction?

10) My Chargers - Are we gonna pull it together? Are we not? I hate our head coach - more than fast moving zombies. He stepped into a SuperBowl caliber team and couldn't get them there. In fact, we're getting worse every season under him. We might not make the playoffs this season. I think we will. Barely. And then we're stuck with him at least another year. Our defense is worse than the walking dead. In fact, they look like walking dead on the field. But I just can't bring myself to hope for failure just so we can be rid of Norv Turner. I've sat through 1-15. In the stands. Surrounded by opposing fans. It stinks. And I canceled my season seats after last season, letting the front office know I'll be back when Turner is gone. Apparently, they had a lot of cancelation from long time season ticket holders like me (over 20 years). Shouldn't that be a clue? I was the one who sat through 1-15. Those yahoos in the stands right now will cancel after one losing season. Sigh. They have a way of suckering you in, making you believe this is actually going to be THE SEASON. Only to find new ways to lose, new ways to break your heart. I thought I wouldn't care as much not having season seats. I was wrong.

What about you? Any obsessions this week?

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  1. Great list Jennie!!! Tee hee, I know all about those secret stashes :)


  2. So great to hear NaNo's going awesome for you. Blah, I won't make it to 50K..but atleast I'll end upwith more than I started out.

    Love the list. Love peppermint tea, too!

  3. I'm obsessing over art. Apparently I don't have room in my heart/brain to obsess over writing and art at the same time and after finishing my read through I am now in an art phase: attending open events for courses, discovering a super cheap life drawing class and watching 3 seasons of Project Runway in 3 days and catching the design bug. Better than obsessing over my lack of a shiny story idea, I guess!
    Glad NaNo is still rocking your world!

  4. Nice list! Glad you're loving your NaNo. And I'm with you on zombies. Not a fan...

    That coffee flavor sounds really good! I'm going to have to track some down...

  5. Oh my gosh Jennie, this list so totally rocks! I'm so happy that you love your NaNo entry! You should!

    I'm having a great week, especially knowing that Harry Potter is days away!

  6. Um, I want to move to Sequim, WA right now! And steal that puppy--sooo adorable! And avoid zombies at all costs...love this list!

  7. That puppy is ridiculously cute!!
    Just got around to watching Walking Dead yesterday on my lunch break and have been obsessing over it since! I love zombies. They are terrifying and I love that.
    Great list! Can you share some of your Nano idea with us one day?

  8. I'm glad NaNo is going well for you! I feel like all I've done is complain! I like this Top Ten Favorites, I might have to steal it. That puppy is adorable! Such a cute face and I am a sucker for ears.
    I love Autumn mix! It's the best stuff ever.

  9. I keep chocolate in a secret place, it is help me de-stress. For medicinal purposes don't you know. Delighted to hear you are enjoying the Nano experience. Good luck with it all.

  10. I ditto the WALKING DEAD! I've never been much of a zombie fan but I do love this show.

    I'm also developing an obsession with MAD MEN... yes, I'm always late to the party. I rented Season 1 on Sunday and my productivity is now in serious decline.

    (p.s. I gave you an award on my blog)

  11. How, Honey? How do you live your gorgeous life, run this fab blog, comment on everyone else's blog in totally adorable blurbs, AND find time to write 2000 words a day? It's gotta be those cough drops. They clearly give you super-powers. ;)
    Sending you NaNo loves . . .

  12. I LOVE zombies movies/tv shows! (I seriously can quote Zombieland...and know all my "Rules" to surviving.)

    Those puppy ears kill me too! Awww. The cuteness. :)

    Very little is better than a good mattress (and pillow).

    I don't know what this autumn mix is?

  13. Peppermint tea is totally my NaNo drink of choice too! It inspires me to stay in one spot - in front of the computer.

  14. OMG I want a new bed so bad! We have my parents old mattress, and let me just say- I think much of my back problems come from it. We are so close to getting a new one- just have to wait a little longer. We tried some out and love the temper-pedic type ones. Simmons beautyrest have some that don't get as warm as the temper-pedic and I fell in love! AND I love ikea and want a bed from there so bad!