Friday, November 5, 2010

FUN Friday

Today, your orders are to have fun or ye'll walk the plank, matey!

How cute is my nephew? This is his fierce pirate look! And my mom dressed up as a pirate just to go trick or treating with him!

How mischievous he looks! You can't NOT have a swashbucklin' FUN with him! He's full of the 'dickens', as my grandma would say.

NaNo Word Count: 8015

I had a conversation with The Hubster tonite that resembled this:

I've had a migraine all day (and managed to hit my word count goal anyway - YAY me and thank the gods for my Bed Buddy) so I'm sure that I was the major problem with our conversation.

100 Followers Contest
I am TWO people away from 100! So stay tuned for my contest next week - the prize will be a $50 gift card to your choice of Starbucks or Barnes & Noble (or $25 to each)! It will be the usual - +1 for new follower, +2 for old, etc.

Fun Kid Story
I was teaching 2nd Grade Kindness and I had a little girl tell me the following story:
One time our gardeners left the gate open but we didn't know it. When we let our dogs out to go potty one last time before bed, Josie came back and Jordie didn't. My dad was overcome with grief and worry. He started running up and down Ventura Blvd. shouting his name while my mom got in the car with Josie to search the neighborhood. My dad found Jordie but he started running away and my dad ran so fast his pants fell down and he lost his flashlight!

I love that she put an emphasis on "lost his flashlight" as though that were the best part of the story. I also love that she said her dad was "overcome with grief and worry." It's so nice to get happy stories on occasion!

What about you all - Any fun weekend plans?

What is your NaNo count? Or FinMo? Or RevMo?

My apologies to Joanna for not getting her contests up. It was all I could do to write through this pain! If your contest is still taking place, I will try to get it up on my sidebar tomorrow and do a shout out this weekend in a post!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous contest!

    Your nephew is freaking adorable - and so is your mom for getting so into the spirit!

    Sorry to hear about your migraine but your WC is still looking really good. Way to go!

  2. I agree, sounds like a fab contest! What a cute story! I've had more than one dog run away down the street so I can relate. Yay on getting a good start at NaNo! Not doing it myself, but I'm cheering everyone else on. good luck!!

  3. Woah, is RevMo a thing? Because I could totally check that out. I'm nearly done with my first read-through and then the actual cutting, moving and adding part begins- it would be nice to see how other people revise. Glad you're staying on top of your word count despite the migraine!
    - Sophia.

  4. am off to Monte carlo for a getaway from my family I'll miss them but I am super psyched

  5. Brand new washer & dryer coming today! I can't believe I get excited about appliances now...

    Great job on the word count. Keep ahead and you'll be in great shape this month. I ended yesterday ~500 words below where I should be. But I hope to pull ahead this weekend.

  6. Your nephew is SO cute!!!

    Cool contest. I wish I had 100 followers but I don’t post enough on my blog to keep people interested. I will have to start posting more soon.

    I see you’re doing well with NaNo. I’m sitting on 8000 some words too. What kind of book are you writing? Since you’re an animal lover, does your book have any animals in it? (I love animals in books).

  7. Yay for such good NaNo progress! And your nephew is totally adorable--he looks like quite the swashbuckling pirate!

  8. Hope you get to feeling better!! Congrats on your progress though in Nano!
    (the video didn't work :( )

    And Congrats on you almost 100!! Amazing!!

  9. Terrific progress on NaNo. And love the funny kid story (those are my fave).

    Tomorrow's my hubby's birthday so we're going out for a schmancy dinner. Looking forward to it since we're not schmancy people.

    Take it easy this weekend, Jennie. Sorry to hear about your migraine. I've heard those are really rough. :(

  10. I so wanna win!!!! I'm in need (okay so I want) a B&N giftcard!!!

    Love the photos! So adorable!!!

    BTW is this contest happening now? Let me know I want to tweet about it and sidebar it and blog post it! Kick your butt up to 100, about to tweet just so you can snag them!

  11. What a funny and sweet story! I see that you're already at 100, so congratulations!!!!

    Your nephew is a doll, but don't tell him that. Boys don't like to be called dolls, lol!

    On your previous post, in case you miss it, I recommended you get a chiller mat. They save your computer and keep it from getting so hot.

    Migraines must be the order of the week. Everyone I know is having severe headaches, including me. Maybe it's the change in the weather...?

  12. Awesome on your writing- I'd never get it done with a migraine! I can barely get mine done with everything else going on! I just can't do it while Little Monster is awake- way too distracting. So my time has been cute down considerably. Great job on reaching 100!