Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday NaNo Musing

I am sprinting towards the finish line, cold and all. I'm only at 45,000 words. Will I make it? I don't know. It's okay if I don't. This is my second cold and I broke a tooth last week. Fun times. Through it all, I've tried to stay on track and keep plugging away. Here is what I do know:

Even if I reach 50,000, my book is not finished. There is still too much that is unfolding to wrap it up in the next 5,000 words!

Once I'm done, this is going to need a massive makeover.

I can both pants and plot...the same piece of work.

If you follow the writing, it takes you crazy places! I've been shocked at things that have happened and characters I wasn't expecting to show up!

You can do NaNo and still have a life if you manage your time well. Yes, I work part time but I did not miss out on a dinner out with friends or family this month. I didn't skip a hike that I felt well enough to do. Laundry still got done twice a week. Grocery store still happened. I made dinner from scratch four to five nights a week. My house might actually be cleaner than it was pre-NaNo (amazing what trying to think things through can do for your house!).

NaNo has been fun - precisely because I refused to stress out or take it too seriously. I got my family time in. I did a massive cleaning of the house on Friday (even though I was sick, maybe why I'm more sick) and still wrote 2,000+ words!

I won't be able to upload my 50,000 words by the deadline because I will be in San Diego getting ready for some dental fun. But I will certainly post it here (the number count) whether I reach that number or not. I have some fun visits planned for Tuesday, but that doesn't mean that I can't fit in at least three hours of writing that evening.

NaNo has shown me that I wasn't making the most of my writing time before November. So I will go into December knowing that I can be more productive if I simply manage my time better! And I'm so looking forward to blog hopping and Christmas decorating this next month!

How about you - how is NaNo going? If you didn't NaNo, how is your writing going? Do you have Christmas decorations up yet?

P.S. - Liz is doing a FUN Blogfest - Bucket List!! So pop on over here and join in!


  1. 5k left? Kids play. You got this in the bag! :)

    And thanks for mentioning my blogfest! :)

  2. You're so close! I love that you still managed to have good family time and a life while writing that much--go you! Good luck with the dental work!

  3. Whoa, kudos!

    NaNo taught me that November is a bad writing month for me :p Maybe next year...or I'm thinking maybe January, I'll need your secret:)

  4. Wow! I love your take on Nano. Taking it easy but getting it done! Can you come cook homemade meals from scratch at my house? Or even freeze them and mail them, I'm really not that picky...;)

    Congratulations on your huge accomplishment!

  5. So great--bravo, Jen. Can you believe it? Another whole story under your belt. What a year, huh? Can I ask--you certainly don't have to divulge details--is this new NaNo connected to your March Mini-NaNo? Romps in the woods and riddles to solve? I know we didn't have a chance to read each other's pieces this year like we'd hoped . . . maybe with these new stories? :) Help each other reshape, revise?

  6. Liz - no problem. Doesn't feel like kids play, though. I haven't written more than a hundred words today between errands and the kids (dog and three cats who seem to be jacked up on sugar for some reason). Sigh.

    Meredith - I try. I get a little crazy if it's all just writing and no family/friends time. Found that out real early on this month!

    Erica - I'm with you. Not doing NaNo in November next year. Maybe we'll do our own NaNo a different month next year. Though we may find out that any month isn't a good month. And my secret? Lots of coffee in the quiet morning hours!

    Colene - I would love to cook you meals from scratch! I always wish my friends weren't as picky since I only cook vegan/vegetarian fare. I love to cook for loads of people!

    Jes - I can't believe it! Two books in one year. I think 2011 is all revising both of them. I'd like to be querying by next June. This one was Dystopian. Totally separate from all my other ideas! It would be wonderful to share them with each other and be a part of the reshaping and revising!

  7. Thats the same with me, Jennie- it has helped me realize I can write a whole lot more a month if I just put my mind to it. I was dawdling before, and now I just gotta get it done you know?

    Wonderful job considering all your obstacles this month!! Good luck on your dental work!