Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday NaNo Interview

Each Monday, I'm going to feature an interview with a current NaNo participant! Today, we have the lovely Jen Daiker from Unedited! If you haven't been to Jen's blog, GO! She's one of them that I read daily (even when I'm in the midst of word counts). Love her! On to the interview...

Is this your first NaNo?
Yes! I'm nervous, excited, and ready to go!

How did you prepare?
I walk around my house talking to myself, to my cats, and to my characters telling them I really want this to work and I'll need their assistance. Then I start writing come November 1st.

Are you pantsing or plotting?
Always pantsing, never plotting. If I plot the story dies... I second guess what I do and lose the gripping and intense feelings from pantsing. More emotion which I love!

Can you give us a brief synop of your story idea?
When Rose wakes up with wings, her world is turned upside down. A century since the last fairy had their wings before the age of seventeen, the Gods deemed her to be the ruler of Raslina. Only problem is, Fina, her best friend, doesn't like Rose in the limelight. Determined to steal her role she tricks Rose and sends her to the Human World. Once out of the kingdom it's very hard to get back in. Rose must live in amongst humans until she's able to find her way back home. What's a fairy to do?

What has been the hardest part?
Not writing. I get an idea, I type it out, in a week or two it's finished and locked away in a secret cabinet until revisions start.

What has been surprisingly easier than you thought?
The confidence. Once you sign up the pressure you gave yourself is gone because you've found a team, an awesome support group to help you along your journey. I love all my buddies and I hope they have as much success as I know I will!

What has been your favorite snack?
Chocolate chip cookies... fresh out of the oven.

Have you imbibed any of the following: wine, chocolate, coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks?
Blush wine, Martini & Rossi champagne, and Dr. Pepper, cannot live without them.

Where have you been writing?
On my uncomfortable green sofa (cuter than it sounds) until I can find the perfect writing space.

What keeps you going?
My imagination, if didn't run wild, I wouldn't either.

What is your word count?
My final word count is 54K, which was done on November 5th!

Any parting words of wisdom, encouragement or insane babbling?
GO GET 'UM TIGER! That's as good as it gets... don't worry about making those words sparkle, write what you feel, what you know and push those 50K out... everyone has it in them!

Thanks so much, Jen! And for anyone who feels pressured or like they are falling behind - Jen finished in 5 DAYS! Keep at it. You may hit that groove and fly way out ahead of the everyone else! We all write in our ways at our own paces!

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  1. I've been managing to stick with 2000 words a day, except for yesterday when I got 6000 words out of the ballpark. NaNo has been fun so far, but I heard the next week or two will be the toughest in keeping the momentum.

    Excellent interview!

  2. Hi, Jen. Hope your surviving NaNoWriMo. Hang in there!

  3. Yikes! That's some super-fast writing. Congrats on such an early finish!

  4. Thanks for having me Jennie! It was so much fun!!!

    I wish everyone the best of luck for NaNo!

  5. Love this interview--two of my favorite people! Jen, you're making all of us feel like slackers for writing so slowly :) I love that synopsis! I'm already hooked!!! Congrats on finishing the first draft!

  6. Crazy awesome girl, Finishing in 5 days. I'm still awestruck. And I love blush wine too! Did you enjoy a glass when you finished?

  7. Congrats on 100. Jen finished in 5 days!? Wow!

  8. She is awesome! The story sounds great too! And so quick with her 50k! My gosh! Amazing!

  9. Great interview Jen and Jennie! Finished in 5 days? That is amazing. =D Hooray for finishing Nano and fresh choco-chip cookies!

  10. *Blushes* Stop it you guys, you're too sweet!

    Thank you for all the sweet comments! Glad you enjoyed the interview!

    Yes Nicole, I did enjoy a glass of wine when all was said and done! I do love celebrating, that's my favorite part of the writing process :)

  11. Awesome interview! Who doesn't adore Jen? She was a great interview pick!! And congrats on reaching the 100 followers milestone!! :-)

  12. Jen's amazing! Five days! And oh yes, love love love the chocolate chip cookies and blush wine. You have to treat yourself right!

  13. Shannon - You're the sweetest!

    Talli - You're my girl! Our love for cookies and wine cannot be matched!

  14. wow this makes me wish i was doing Nano. No go for me.I can't seem to find any time for writing.

  15. Great interview! Here's to the Jens, Jennies, and Jennys of the world! :)

    And I love chocolate chip cookies... no better writing fuel than those!

  16. Your story sounds really cool! Great job on the word count- I was truly blown away each day I logged into NaNo and saw how much you had like, 5 days. So cool.

  17. Just stopping by from Jen's blog & LOVED this interview! 54K in 5 days?!? Ummm...hello, writing savant! And the plot sounds super cool! Congrats, Jen - you deserve as many warm chocolate chip cookies as you can eat!

    Jennie - I love your blog & share your passion for animals! And I have a (rescue) Staffie too (plus another rescue dog & two kitties)! I'm glad Jen directed me to your blog. :)

  18. Yay! Two of my favorite bleeps!!! You guys are like a Reese's~

    Jen rulz--Love the fairy story! And *snort* I read that Martini & Rossi w/Dr. Pepper, and I was thinking... umm... really??? :D xoxo

    Thanks Jennie! This was a great interview~

  19. Whoa! You finished in 5 days??? Holy catfish, Jen! What is your secret?? You are super fast! That's awesome!! Love the premise of your novel. sounds like a really fun read.

    So glad I came by for Jen's interview! *waves at Jennie*