Friday, October 29, 2010

FUN Friday

Behold, my reward for myself when I finish NaNo. Yes, the entire half a dozen. In one day. If I did them in one sitting, I would make myself ill and that would defeat the purpose of the reward. Sprinkles Cupcakes. I'll get 2 Chocolate Marshmellow, 2 Cinnamon Sugar, and 2 Red Velvet. Yuuuuuum.

I've decided I don't need a House Elf for the month of November.
I need JESSE!!

What do you think?

My classroom funny for the week:

After teaching 3rd Graders City Wildlife in which they learn all about the cool animals and insects that live right here in our own neighborhoods, what their important jobs are and why daddy should NOT beat them over a head with a shovel until their head breaks open (yes, this has been told to me NUMEROUS times), I opened the floor for questions.

First question: Is it true that Indiana Jones got bit by 12 different snakes?

I'm used to questions like "is it true cats have 9 lives?"

This was my most creative question yet.

I said: "I believe it was 13 and only 3 of them were poisonous."

Next question?


  1. no fair those cupcakes look calorificly ebil!!
    I'll take one jesse to go too. I promise I'll take good care of him

  2. Mmmmm cupcakes. Good bribe idea :) If only a giant cupcake everytime I wrote was a good idea?

  3. On my NaNo stock up list I have: Buy extra chewies for the dog to keep him occupied.

  4. Hahaha! That is the coolest dog I have ever seen.
    Cupcakes are probably the best bribe.
    And kids are hilarious. Good answer to that one too!

  5. Joanna - don't they?!? And you can have one Jesse to go. He looks pretty self-sufficient so I don't think you'll have to take care of him much.

    Erica - that's hilarious! If only! I posted that last night. When I got on the scale this AM, I was down another pound (trying to get off the marriage ten) so I'm reevaluating if that's a good reward. But they're so yummy and it's just ONE day. Half a box of cupcakes, sure. But ONE day. I'll be good the rest of the week!

    jb - GREAT idea. I'm headed out for my stock up today so I think I'll grab some extra chewies for Lily (and probably a few marrow bones as well).

    Colene - they keep me on my toes! I try to be quick with the comebacks. I usually get one odd question per class, but that one is the topper!

  6. Oh man, those cupcakes look good enough to die for. You'll finish NaNo. Easy, what with that waiting for you on the other side! ;)

  7. I didn't know that about Indiana Jones. Only 3 poisonous ones, huh? Crazy!

  8. Oh man, those cupcakes look dreamy...

    You were quick on your feet answering that question!

  9. If I actually complete NaNo with 50k words, I'm treating myself to my next tattoo!

  10. Oh, wow, I love Sprinkles! There's a store relatively near my apartment--I may have to borrow your reward! Yum :)

  11. I came to you from Theresa's Halloween haunting. Geez, I sound like a commercial.

    I'm not doing NaNo this year. I've started a novel that I can't quit. YEAH! Can I still have yummy stuff?

    I wonder if I can teach our dog to do tricks. Hmmmm

  12. Windows, dishes, and laundry? Yeah, I want one.

    And I'm hungry now too! I'm not participating in NaNo, but those donuts almost make me cave . .