Tuesday, October 5, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Yesterday was the PERFECT writing morning.

It started with this...
I threw open the windows so I could hear the soft fall of the rain on the grass in the yard, the roof, the pavement. The wind brushed the chimes on the porch occasionally, adding to the wonderful sound!

The cool breeze woke me up, but I added a few cups of this...

Next ingredient...
To be honest, I lit the Mulled Cider first because it can really wake up your senses...and your hunger so I had to blow it out. I didn't want to be distracted from my rewrites by a prematurely growling stomach.

A dash of this...

A hint of this...

Heaping handfuls of this...

And we can't forget to throw in the snores of this great beast:

It made for a very productive day!

What are your favorite things when you write?


  1. You had Legolas help you write?!? No wonder it was a great day (though I wouldn't get anything done...) ;)

  2. Oh, that DOES look like a perfect day! Nothing makes us productive like music, tea and rain! And Legolas does't hurt eiter:)

  3. Hi,

    Who's an Orlando Bloom fan, then? :)

    This is really a quick fly-by to say welcome aboard the "Romancing The Blog" blog-hop!

    Hope to see you getting into the swing of all the fun to be had from blogland, like blogfests etc!


  4. LOL. Sounds like you've got plenty of motivations around you! :o) Lovely!

  5. LOL - Dogs have the best sleeping positions. "Ahhh so comfy..."

    Sounds like the ingredients to a perfect writing day!

  6. Mmmm Legolas, I mean coffee. Coffee and music work wonders for writing motivation. With wine thrown into the mix occassionally :)

  7. Aw, what a perfect writing day! Congrats on being productive!

  8. Sounds like the perfect day! Especially is Legolas is perched beside the beast. How did you ever get him to hang out? Is it some kind of elf treat, like cat-nip or something you lured him with?

  9. I love the rain too. And coffee. But you've just inspired me to light a candle or two... the scents would be lovely!

  10. MMmmm, can I come over for a nap? These things are perfect for writing, imagining, snoozing....

  11. Wow this is heaven!!!!

    I love rainy days... hot apple cider, cozing up on the couch, kitties laying around me and You've Got Mail, While you were Sleeping or Sleepless in Seattle playing in the background.