Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gearing Up for NaNo

We are 4 days away from the start of the NaNo.

Are you excited?

Are you nervous?

I am BOTH!

Here is my checklist for NaNo:
Green Tea
Diet Pepsi
Pumpkin Muffins
Coffee (yes, I know it's on here twice...)
Microwave Popcorn
WW Cookies
Diet Pepsi (yes, I'm aware of the duplication)
WW Ice Cream bars
Coffee (wow - three times! Have to be sure we have that liquid inspiration)
Bed Buddy (if you don't have one of these for your headaches, you are missing out! Click the link for more info or hop on down to Target this weekend and get you one!)
Colored Pens
Post-its (What if I have an idea for later on during a crucial scene that I don't want to stop writing?? Have to jot it!)
Notebook (I am still teaching so I'll need to be writing at the schools my three days a week)

Have I mentioned Coffee? And I've gone all out - The Grind Winter Blend, Gloria Jeans Coffee Bean Madagascar Vanilla Caramel AND their super yummy Spiced Butter Rum, Starbucks Espresso with sugar free vanilla syrup AND pumpkin spice (yes, Jenny - I can make one at home!!!). I'll alternate days so that I don't get burnt out on one single flavor.

The afternoons will be fueled by Diet Pepsi or a Venti Iced Shaken Green Tea with two spendla (made here at home because who will have the time to leave???) using Tazo Zen tea.

And I've stocked up on good eats (fruits as well) so that I can munch but not gain 10 pounds, which is really easy for me to do!

Lola has some sage advice on her blog here, read the whole entry because anything she writes is muy fabuloso but the NaNo stuff is at the bottom. If you're not already following her, you will definitely want to. She's going to give more advice the closer we get. Check in daily to be sure you don't miss it!

And, of course, friend me here if you haven't already.

Good luck and godspeed with those little fingers on that keyboard!

How are you preparing yourself for NaNoWriMo???


  1. You can make pumpkin spice lattes TOO? Why don't live next door?

    It sounds like you are ready to go! And I'm ready to cheer... YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Popcorn and Post-Its - of course! Why didn't I think of those things?

    I am so looking forward to this!

  3. You have definitely prepared yourself well for Nano. What you have sounds pretty much like a writer's emergency kit. Mine is rather lacking, but I'll make do with what I've got.

  4. lol...I love how "idea" is actually on your checklist! :)

    I have procured several snacks and delightful beverages (coffee, soda, pumpkin eggnog --- oh yes), and comfy clothes are a must.

    I'm considering bringing my laptop to work and writing for a half hour at lunch. I have a space spec'd out (there's no way I can stay at my cube...). I really hope this works out, it could potentially mean an extra thousand words (and put less pressure on me in the evenings).

    I'm also balancing this and studying for a certification exam, which of course is on Dec 4. So I'll have to balance the two, with the exam taking precedence.

    A busy month ahead for all of us, but it's going to be a blast!

  5. First of all, thank you for your kind words on my blog. It means a lot.

    As for NaNo, I'm really excited for it and have been outlining like mad. Can't wait for it to start. Have plenty of coffee ready.


  6. You're all set! Looks like I need to be in your neck of the woods, you'll take good care of me, lol.

    As for my preperation I've just my laptop geared up and I'm ready to write... nothing else to it. Just roll with the punches and hope it turns out okay!

  7. You have everything you need for NaNo (pass some of that coffee over here, please). Here’s my list of what I need for NaNo:

    A whole month off from work (I don’t see that happening as bills do need to get paid).
    A computer I wouldn’t be tempted to throw out the window.
    Coffee, Chocolate, and veggies (the healthy food inspires me to write, the unhealthy keeps me alive).

  8. GOOD LUCK!!! You're doing to do great~ :o)

    (I'm not doing NaNo this year... Me = ReviseMo ;o)

  9. Wow sounds like a good checklist to me! Good luck on NaNo this year!!

  10. Oooh, great checklist! I hadn't thought about advil, but that definitely may be necessary :)

  11. Excellent checklist!!

    I'm excited and nervous and a little intimidated

  12. Great checklist - although I did click on the Bed Buddy to see which direction you were going with that :)

  13. The NaNo list of list!

    Coffee and Diet Pepsi definitely deserve double mentions :D Caffeine, the best friend of any writer.

  14. You certainly have an excellent supply list! (I'm gonna have to check out what a bed buddy is)
    T minus-...well we're down to hours now! I think I have me an IDEA!! (I never have one before I start Nano)...not character or ending in mind yet, but I have a vague premise. And that's a lot for me to start with...and unusual. I almost always start with a character. I do know my MC will be a female. I'll know a lot more in the morning when I sit down with my laptop! (I'm so excited not to be working on my revisions...and a little guilty.)

    Awww, thanks for your kind words and link love. I'm honored, and you're so sweet, Jennie. :)


    Here's to your first of many successful Nano/Novembers!