Friday, October 8, 2010

FUNNY Friday

I'm in the mood for some comedy.

For all of my LOST friends. If you didn't see the alternate endings on Jimmy Kimmel, you missed out. If you did, they're still just as funny now.

Which one is your fave? Mine is the first. "I'm sorry, Sayid. The tribe has spoken."

I have a lot of "Persian" (you know, like the cat...Meow!) friends and they have passed their love of Maz on to me. I now bequeath it to you.

I feel guilty laughing at this kid but he is just so cute and funny. What a little stinker. It's so cute that he doesn't want to admit HOW he got back there!

"Thanks for saving me. Now could you get the police car out of there?"

Hope you have a FUNNY Friday and a GREAT weekend!


  1. you precious pet lover! Those videos are hilarious! This must be mood-swing Friday. Half are funny, half are sentimental... I'm on the sentimal side today, so thanks for the balance~ :o)

  2. Haha. I'm going through a really tough time, thanks for making me laugh. Good to be back to your blog again.