Monday, October 25, 2010

A Boy In Search Of a Good Puddle

Little boys LOVE puddles.

My nephew, Dillon, can't resist them.

He searches for them on rainy days.

Finding none, he must settle.

Hmmmm...will this do?

Let's try it.

Yep, that works!

He's only four and a half so the world is still a magical place - when the puddle isn't there, he just imagines one. When I write, I try to revert back to my childhood - imagining the things that aren't there; creating them and seeing them in my mind before I transfer them onto the paper. Instead of puddles, I have elves, fairies and a sorceress to contend with this week. Those will bring me as much joy as this "puddle" brought Dillon.

When we write, we have to let our imagination go. Squash those voices that tell you 'there is no such thing as (magic, dragons, vampires, zombies, spirits, mystics, miracles, prophecies, whateveryouchoose).' Let yourself write as a four and a half year old - the world wide open. Nothing is impossible. Make those puddles appear!

Spill it - do you write with a child's imagination? Can you still imagine puddles?


  1. I do imagine things a lot but since I write contemporary romance, I can only channel my inner mind when my MCs are playing on the beach, every other time my inner child is on lock down, we dont wanna corrupt her :)

  2. I loved these pictures! I also adore writing with a child like imagination! Actually it's funny, last week talking with Tony DiTerlizzi he said he writes for children because their imagination is still there, the most fun, they truly believe and adore everything you write.

  3. Oh, too cute! It's so important to be able to remember what it was like back then and write from that perspective, isn't it? Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is the cutest thing ever! I remember having that kind of active imagination, where my backyard would transform into a faery land or a swamp or anything I wanted it to be. Writing definitely brings that all back :)

  5. He's adorable!!

    And excellent points. I love to pretend and imagine things. Kids are really great that way. They don't have to make a real effort to do either, they just do it.

  6. Hi, one of the judges for the Never-ending (cliffhanger) Blogfest stopped by and you hadn’t posted your entry. We’ll stop by once more later to see if you’ve entered something.

    P.S. Cute nephew! :D

  7. Cute pictures! And yes, I write with my imagination in full swing. I see the scene before me like actors playing it out.

    And I'm always daydreaming- whether it be about my book, ideas, or just little scenarios in my head.

  8. Kids and their puddles :) Very cute pictures.

    I think I need to work on imagining slightly smaller puddles lol ... my imagination tends to run away once it gets going.