Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On Vacation

We're gearing up for a two week vacation and I'm finding there is so much to do to get ready!

Our first week will be up in the mountains where my book DARK FOREST is actually set. That's right, the riddles in the book lead to actual locations! How cool is that?

Anyway, because it's such a remote location, I have little room for error when it comes to packing. This has me a bit harried. Also, getting my second book SILO completed and into the hands of my readers before I leave. My teens have school starting right around the time that we'll be returning so they need it "like now!" to be able to make comments. So errands coupled with writing and getting things ready for the house/pet sitter is stretching me a bit thin.

I won't be posting until I get back. For now, I will leave you with some gorgeous pictures.

My dad walking on the road. Yes, we're hard core. We don't camp where there is asphalt!

The bridge that leads to some of the upper lakes. Cross over the deep...

A meadow that I managed to incorporate into my book. Isn't it gorgeous? But danger lurks behind the beauty!

This is a 4 mile hike with a steep elevation gain. Totally worth it for this beautiful lake!

Our second week will be in Sequim, Washington. We have friends that moved up there with their three dogs, added a fourth and bought a horse! We'll be relaxing at their lovely home when we're not out hiking and having grand adventures.

Lily will be hanging out with one of her first loves, Chopper. He's the gorgeous blue Cane Corso she's snuggling with there.

We'll be wandering paths like this that lead us to...

Places like this!

And one last amazing thing in anticipation of FUN Friday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful few weeks! I will see you all the middle of August and expect great news from you!!


  1. Lily and Chopper make a cute couple!

    Have an awesome, wonderful, relaxing, well-deserved vacation. Looking forward to seeing more pics when you get back!

  2. Jennie, have a great time - it looks like a wonderful place. If there was a four-start hotel nearby, I'd be set.
    Hope it continues to inspire your writing!

  3. How are you doing with Dark Forest these days? There was some good stuff in that ms, I got to read it.

  4. Wow, those are some beautiful photos--looks so peaceful. I saw this trailer for The Knights earlier this week and it looks epic! Love me a Renaissance/Dungeons and Dragons festival.

  5. Jennie, you share the most epic videos, I swear. I'll definitely have to see that when it eventually makes its way over to the UK. Looks like you're in for two weeks of gorgeous scenery, have fun!

  6. Beautiful pictures. Hope you have fun on your vacation. I don't remember the last time I took a vacation. It was like 3 or so years ago. Anyway, have fun.

  7. Have a great vacation! So cool that your book's based on an actual place. I can't never write about real locations for some reason.

  8. wow, these pix really are super-gorgeous. And so inspiring! Have a great time~ :o) <3

  9. I agree with Alex- give me a hotel, and I'm there. Maybe...okay, so I probably wouldn't hike very much. I'm not what you would call outdoorsy...have fun, and we'll miss ya!

  10. Have a fantastic time, looks like my kind of holiday! And I love that you've worked real places into your book -- I think that really adds a layer to the story, and as a reader, I love visiting real settings!

  11. Jennie this is gorgeous!! What a beautiful place for a nice, relaxing vacation! I'm jealous!