Friday, July 8, 2011

FUN Friday


Did everyone make it through the week? Good! Let's have some fun!

We love Norm MacDonald's new show. He's had some GREAT skits. I don't follow boxing, but my cousins do. They are huge Manny fans. Even though I'm not a boxing fan, I still found this funny (it's Norm):
Sports Show with Norm MacdonaldTuesdays, 10:30/9:30c
Betting on Manny Pacquiao
Sports ShowNorm Macdonald#SportsShow

I love when he says to Manny: I was just at Sugar's place and you know what he was doing? He was punching another man to get ready for the fight.

Here are my cousin's twins. The one fighting the couch and pretending to be Manny is Chayse. The one just watching and being a goof is Brody.

I didn't mean to make this week so sports themed...and if you don't like football, you won't think this is as hilarious. But if you do like Taylor, you'll like it for the HOT factor. I like it for the football factor.

And some kid cuteness (this is sooo wrong, but still funny). R Rated!

While we're on the kids swearing kick, this is another adorable video. Especially when mom corrects her at the end.

I'll be hanging out in the cool air conditioned house all weekend. I have to get up early to walk the Lilster because she doesn't tolerate the heat so we'll likely share an afternoon together! This whole weekend is about staying out of the heat, devouring Patrick Rothfuss' A Wise Man's Fear and finishing up my Dystopian!!

What about you - any big plans for the weekend? How's that writing going?


  1. Good luck with the Dystopian! I'm going to get a ton of yard work done, and work on my chapter book.

    That last video was hilarious - especially when she said the guy would kick her you-know-what! I didn't see that one coming.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the fun clips. Loved them all but if I had to choose, the fire truck and the butt-kicking would get joint first place. Too funny!

    I'll be spending the weekend knocking an idea into shape for the next book.

    Have a good one!

  3. The 3-year old talking about the monster was so cute! I like how her face at the end made that look of realization when mom corrected her.

    Patrick Rothfuss is the newest addition to my favorite authors list. I absolutely loved The Name of the Wind - both the story and his writing style. Can't wait to read book 2!

    Good luck with your dystopian! Love that genre. :)

  4. Norm is a funny comedian. I plan on staying out of the heat as well!

  5. Mr. Rothfuss makes me want to write a fantasy like right now. And include lots of food and drink. Man, do I need to go and read The Wise Man's Fear? I have so many books to read that *aren't* sequels, let alone all of the ones that are.

    My weekend will consist of getting books -- hopefully including a non-fiction book, shocker -- and reading and mayhaps toying with the blog; I think I might need to work on the design even though I like the minimalist look.

    My writing is not going. I'm starting to panic about this being between projects thing. I have ideas but none of them has been so shiny I immediately want to write it, apart from this one that I'm kind of still figuring out. I love the world but I don't know how to make the plot work so that I can show off the world, which I know is bass ackwards.

    I iz in ur comments, taking up ur space.