Monday, July 11, 2011

Got Snacks?

When I'm on a roll, I don't want to leave my computer. Meals interrupt precious writing time. They can throw me off and I don't get back to the magic. So I try to keep snacks next to me. I eat every two and a half to three hours. I'm not one for mindless snacking uness I'm sitting in front of the television (and not always then).

I start the morning with a good cup of coffee (or three). On the weeks that The Hubster works late, he walks Lily in the morning. Since I start off the day in the cool house, I can do hot coffee. My favorite since around the beginning of the year is from Gloria Jean's Coffee Bean - Madagascar Vanilla Caramel. This week, I will be enjoying that.

On the weeks that he works early, I have to walk the Lilster. It's been hot. Neither one of us really enjoys the heat. By the time I manage to get her home, the first thing I want is coffee. The last thing I want is HOT coffee. I have perfected my favorite Starbucks drink - the Skinny Vanilla Latte. I may actually make one tomorrow now that I've typed it.

Now that the important fuel the gets the fire started is out of the way, let's get to the FUN stuff - Snacks!

1) Vanilla Meringues - when I'm in the mood for a little sweet, but don't want a ton of calories.

2) Kettle Corn - Henry's Farmers Market in my neighborhood sells pre-popped in a red bag and one serving (2 cups) is under 200 calories (or 3 Weight Watchers points).

3) Watermelon - Obviously, a summer snack. Sometimes I like to throw some in the freezer. Super yummy. (Cherries are yummy too!)

4) Persian Cucumbers - so refreshing and great crunch. Better than potato chips. Okay, not really, but with a little sea salt, they're better FOR YOU than potato chips. But nothing beats BBQ kettle chips. Which is why I don't keep them in the house.

5) Special K Multigrain Crackers and a wedge of Weight Watchers Cheese - This gives me a boost with the protein.

6) Pistachios - Low calorie, super yummy and lower my cholesterol (in theory).

What about you - any favorite snacks? What fuels your writing?


  1. So awesome the writing's going great, Jennie! Watermelons, cucumbers, pistachios - you've mentioned all my faves out there :)

  2. Really healthy snacks you got there! Liking that watermelon in the freezer idea, haven't tried that. Love kettle corn, especially when you get it fresh popped at a fair.

  3. I blame the weather for my snacking habits. It's usually cold and wet in the UK so I need coffee to warm me up after walking the dogs. Then I snack on watermelon, chocolate chip cookies, peaches, chocolate chip cookies, mango, chocolate chip cookies... So fifty percent of my snacking is healthy. ;)

  4. I'll have to try frozen watermellon. After I pick out all the pesky seeds of course. And you know my snack of choice - Hot Tamales.

  5. All your healthy snacks! Mmmm sound yummy! I love the quaker cinnamon swirl rice snacks or a choc. chip granola bar. Grapes are a convenient yummy snack too! I love cherries, but they are so damn expensive here, I hardly ever can rationalize buying them (especially with grapes half the price...)

  6. You're making me hungry. And hey, we have to meet up soon. I'm still holding your MAXX menthol candies hostage. :D

  7. Now I'm hungry... but so glad to hear the writing is going well! :)

    Unfortunately, chocolate fuels my writing...