Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

It's been a tough week for me. I've had trouble focusing for my rewrite. I turned things around yesterday at...

Jiffy Lube.

That's right. I wrote at Jiffy Lube. I didn't go there specifically to write, though I might consider doing so in the future because it was so productive. Who knew an oil change could lead to a breakthrough?

I think I just needed a change of scenery. I was stuck in a rut. No matter what room of the house I moved to, I just couldn't concentrate.

There was dust on the t.v. Since I had the duster in hand, I might as well do the entire living room, right? Now there is dust on the floor. I need to vacuum it up before I track it into the clean bedroom.

Sitting at the kitchen table with a lovely view of my yard, I couldn't quite get the dishes in the sink out of my head. Had to get up and put them in the dishwasher...oh wait, the dishwasher is full of clean dishes. Unload. Reload. The washing machine just off to my right in the laundry room. I might as well throw in a load of laundry.

So I moved to the office on my comfortable new couch. But the cat tree was covered in cat hair. It only takes a minute to get it all off. Then you notice the dust on the blinds. Yes, I wiped down the blinds. The screens are filthy after these rains and I'm shocked that I was able to keep myself from going outside, pulling them off and hosing them down.

At Jiffy Lube, I had nothing to do but write. I couldn't help with my oil change. They would have looked at me funny if I started cleaning their waiting room. I took my notebook outside into the sunshine, sat on their bench and wrote. It was very freeing. Incredibly uplifting. Not to mention, the fastest 45 minutes of my life. Last night I was able to go to bed satisfied with all that I accomplished.
All it took was an oil change.

Where is the oddest place you have written? Has inspiration struck in an odd place?

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  1. Nah, I pretty much write at home for the most part - unless I'm traveling then I have to actually - gasp - write by hand since no laptop.

  2. Thank you Jiffy Lube! :)

    I keep a little notebook in my bag just for those moments. Doctor's waiting rooms are great for inspiration as well I've found :)


  3. Way to take advantage of an otherwise kinda boring situation!

    I find sometimes just being in a different, unconventional writing location is all I need to get the creative flow going. I've spent some productive hours at the local Toyota while waiting for oil changes and such. I agree with you - it is freeing and it sure does make the time fly! :)

  4. I write at work, which some people would think is odd.
    You sound like my wife - she's constantly moving doing something!

  5. I love writing in "odd" places and I welcome people who ask me (for the most part kind curiosity): "What are you doing/writing?"

    Breakfast Every Hour

  6. I have the same problem as you. I can’t write if the kitchen and living room are less than perfect. Last night I had a writing breakthrough in the bedroom. I lit a few scented candles and instantly I was inspired. I think that’s what I’ll always do from now on. The strangest place I’ve ever gone to write at is my mom’s house. It’s always spotless and she has the best, most beautiful back yard.

  7. That's awesome! Now I want to find a jiffy lube...Do you think they would mind if I just sat out front without getting my car worked on?

    I can't ever seem to focus at my own house so I write at work a lot. But I definitely need a space outside of work to write.

  8. Hilarious. Jiffy Lube. *snort*
    I have a little notebook in my purse where I'm always jotting down notes. I guess I was helping w/a Sunday school class one week and had a Great Idea for current MS. I jotted it down and then was asked if it was something I wanted to share w/the class... LOL!!! ehrm, no. :D <3

  9. Well I didn't think it was that odd, but my mother made some comments that suggested she thought it odd when she found me sitting writing in front of the tumble drier. It's warm and I like the hum and rumble it makes and it's more convenient than a laundromat!
    - Sophia.

  10. Wow, if only I were so motivated to keep my house clean! ;)I just look at all of it and think, "eh, I can do that tomorrow. I better keep writing while I can!"

  11. Sometimes a change in scenery is exactly what we need. Although more often I write to avoid cleaning!

  12. Dude, I wish I could have that kind of motivation to clean. I look at my dishes piled up, sigh and go check another blog. I then go into my room, look at the clothes piled on my papazan, sigh and sit and read a bit. Then I look at the mess on my desk, sigh and do some more revisions. I'm good at being distracted, just not by cleaning ;p I need a jiffy lube to get my juices flowing though. That would be nice.

  13. What a great idea! I mostly write at home. The most interesting place would be on a train while on vacation since there wasn't much else to do there either.