Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday

That's my friend Tanya and I at MTVs Museum of Unnatural History in high school. And yes, that is a Polaroid.

We're flashing back to my high school days.

Prepare to be dazzled with my teenage angsty poetry!

Remember high school crushes? Oh, the agony! If we couldn't have them, we were just. going. to. die. Seriously. We wrote their names all over our notebooks. Squealed in the bathroom with our friends after they said 'hi' to us in the halls. Those fun days of young love...torture... the ones that fill us with embarrassment now.

I say embrace it! We were who we were. It's part of who we are now. Even if we did crush on that bald wrestling guy with the tongue ring who used to make faces at us during Economics class despite already having a steady boyfriend who happened to be captain of the football team. The bald wrestling guy rode a motorcycle to school and listened to hardcore metal. He was a baaaad boy. The kind Mom warned you about. The kind you thought you could find the soft spot in. Hard to world, but not to you...and the neighbor's dog. That guy.

On to bad poetry...

My cousins had a haunted house every year. The COOLEST, mind you. The talk of not just their own high school, but all the surrounding ones as well. They drew a crowd and made a killing (yes, they were smart enough to charge an entry fee).

This year, the year I wrote this poem, one of their friends caught my eye. I bring you...

Phantom of the Opera
unknowing you steal my breath
with each organ note
of your gentle lullaby.
I remain mesmerized
until you release your fingers,
the last key lingering
with our kiss.

You can totally laugh. I did as I was typing it so I will not hold it against you in the least. I was only 15 or 16 when I wrote that.

He was not as hot without the make-up on. Yes, I had one date with him. Luckily, my high school boyfriend does not read my blog so he won't know this one little indiscretion. Not that it matters because he cheated on me our senior year with one of the other cheerleaders (right before PROM!!) so it wouldn't matter that I did have a date with Phantom of the Opera. (I'll save that whole tale for another flashback post because it just superb - like right out of a movie)

See? Remember high school? All drama and crushes and pain. Sigh. I miss it.

Who wants to share some old writing?


  1. Oh high school - the beginning and the end of the world trapped between the bells!

  2. Love the picture. So 80's!!

    And the poem totally captures the innocent, angtsy young love stuff we all went through...

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Umm no. In a fit of adult embarrassment I threw out everything I ever wrote in high school!

    Breakfast Every Hour

  4. That was such a cute poem. I didn't laugh. I king of dig "the last key lingering" line.

    I've shared some of my hs writing on my blog before. Some of it is heinous, some of it I genuinely still enjoy. But, hey -- it's all cathartic!

  5. Ref: Bad ass bad boy.

    I married one of those. I was the super good girl in high school so I guess opposites do attract.

    Ref: High School Poetry

    The other day my mother found the big book of poetry that I wrote throughout high school. Then, she read them out loud to some of her friends (my face was burning when she did it). Those poems were horrible to my ears, but mom’s friends suggested that I publish them.

  6. SO much drama! I love it. Why didn't I date the Phantom of the Opera in high school? :) And that pic is too cute!

  7. I wish I kept all of my old, serious writing. I still have old fanfiction lurking around the internet. It always upsets me that I never held any attachment to the stuff I hand-wrote before I discovered computers and typing software!

    And I have to admit, I giggled at the poem. Oh overwrought high school emotions!

  8. High school drama! Not a chance I'd go back...

  9. Haha, I can't believe you went on a date with the Phantom of the Opera! That one goes right into High School Drama Hall of Fame ;)

    And now I miss polaroids...

  10. UGH! High school crush drama.. Yuck. BUT awesomely teenish poetry! Nice job Teen Jennie!

  11. Oh the wonderful angst of high school! I wouldn't go back, but I can't say I don't remember it with fondness. Every day was filled with drama (real or imaginary).

    I used to write songs in high school. Angsty songs, which I'd play on the piano and sing if nobody was home. Who knows... a little encouragement and I might've been Taylor Swift! (Minus the talent and the curly hair)

  12. Great flashback. I don't think I wrote nearly enough angsty poetry in high school but I think that is bacause I was busy writing for the school paper.

  13. SO awesome. I remember lying in bed listening to that Selena song- dreaming of you or something like that, and crying my eyes out because I liked this boy. Sigh... of course after I had a boyfriend and "moved on" he started liking me. That kinda happened to me a lot now that I think about it...Teen angst. Gotta love it. But it's real and one of the most important times in our lives. Maybe thats why I love to read it still.

  14. OOOOhhhhh, high schoooool!!!! Wouldn't do it over for a million dollars. Well, maybe for a million....

    Your poem is sweet, btw. I didn't know anyone who drove a motorcycle. But there was this one guy...he had some amazing blue eyes....

    Okay, maybe a few hundred thousand dollars...and for only half an hour.

    A really fun post!!!

  15. Love that! But heck, who doesn't want to date the Phantom of the Opera? Especially since Gerard Butler took the role in the movie with all his green eyed Irish deliciousness...