Friday, January 28, 2011

FUN Friday


With the SuperBowl fast approaching, I'm starting to look forward to the commercials! Yes, I don't just love the game. I love the catchy ads inbetween. Here's my favorite commercial from last year:

Commas Save Lives, peeps. For real.

This would totally be a text conversation between me and my mom.

My nephew turns 5 this weekend. I can't believe it! He is so adorable, so smart and just "full of the dickens" (to use an old grandma saying).

When he was three and would misbehave, I would say to him, "All right, Mister..." I would never get to finish the sentence because he would immediately dissolve into laughter - "Meeeester!" He thought that was so funny.
He's older now and that one doesn't work anymore. Yesterday, I tried this one...
"Okay, you little stinker..."
"Aunt Jen, you can't say stinker!"
"Why not?"
"It's a BAD word!"

He learns all the bad ones from me. Three years ago, we were driving and someone almost ran us off the road. I swerved and shouted, "What the F*$&!" before I could catch myself. I looked in the backseat and Dillon was in his car seat staring out the window, seemingly oblivious. I breathed a sigh of relief. Have you seen the pictures of my brother Drew? Imagine a guy that size getting angry. I dodged a bullet there.

We pulled up in front of their house and I'm getting him out of his car seat when he says, "What the f*#$, Aunt Jen?"


Hey, I taught the kid TOUCHDOWN.

That totally makes up for 'stinker' and the F word, right?


What about you - did you have a favorite commercial this last year? Any big weekend plans?


  1. Haha I remember that one. That was a cute commercial.

    This weekend will probably be low-key (food shopping, meh). Looking forward to Superbowl weekend though!

  2. Ha, that commerical was classic! I don't know if we get the American ads during Superbowl breaks on British TV, I hope so. Last year I discovered and downloaded a bunch of songs from the Bud Light 'Real American Heroes/Real Men of Genius' commercials. I had at least three dozen random 30-45 seconds songs that would come on and make me crack up. Good times.

    Your nephew sounds like such a cutie!
    - Sophia.

  3. Not too many commercials stood out last year. Hoping for some good ones this year - and a great game of course.

  4. Haha, so cute! I love that touchdown pic! I just became an aunt to the most adorable little girl last week, and I'm gathering ideas on how to do it right. I'll definitely teach her touchdown and try to watch my language :)

  5. When my brother was in pre-k, he picked up the F-word from one of his friends. My mom found this out when she heard him playing with his GI Joes and used it, in proper context and everything.

  6. HA! I Loved that commercial. And damnyouautocorrect never fails to make me weeze. Your nephew is SO CUTE!

  7. Love the Superbowl ads! Why is it that kids only listen when we don't want them to?

  8. What a cutie he is!!!

    We don't get the new Super Bowl commercials up in Canada - they cut them out and put in local ones. *sigh*

  9. That video is pretty funny!!

    Your nephew is hilarious! I can just IMAGINE how DAD got MAD... ;p BAHAHAHA!!! ;p

    Thanks for coming by! You ROCK! I am a new follower here now!! ;D

  10. I've always watched the commercials on Super Bowl and did my housewaork during the game. Of course, my husband loved both. I also love the Geico commercials, especially th new tango one and the drill sargent turned analyst.
    Love and peace,

  11. P. S. I just put my glasses on and noticed all the typos in my comment. guess I should wear my glasses all the time. Ha.