Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Bling

Mondays can be hard. Let's start this one off with some BLING.

I was given two awards last week!

Thanks to Colene for this award! She has brought many a smile to my face so it made my day to think that I bring smiles to hers!

My second award is the Stylish Award from Angelina!

This one asks that I reveal 7 facts about myself so here it goes:
1) My favorite smell in the world is really rubbing alcohol.

2) We just bought a new couch. It's faux leather, very modern and it folds flat so that guests can sleep on it when they visit. I would sleep on it every night if I could.

3) I still have sleepovers. I don't care that I'm old enough to be a mom. Sometimes everyone piling their sleeping bags onto my living room, watching chick flicks, drinking wine, eating junk and staying up half the night with your friends is just what the doctor ordered.

4) I am the only girl on my mother's side of the family - only daughter, only granddaughter.

5) I'm addicted to Storage Wars. We have a friend who bids on storage lockers for fun sometimes. When this show came on, I had to check it out...and I'm hooked.

6) I've always had naturally long nails. In high school, I would grow them as long as I possibly could. Sometimes I could get them to almost two inches and they would curl.

7) I'm allergic to bees. Seriously allergic. I have to carry an epipen with me everywhere I go. I forget it frequently when we go hiking. I will probably die in the wilderness of a bee sting. There are worse ways to go.

There you have it - 7 more things about me you never knew and didn't want to!

Smile Award to:
Jennifer Hillier

Stylish Award to:
Carol Riggs
Liz (you MUST check out her Haiku Thursday's!)

Thank you to Angelina and Colene for my Awards.

How was everyone's weekend??

Wait until you hear about my heart stopping Friday evening...I'll post about it tomorrow!


  1. Sleepovers ROCK!!!

    Ugh, I hate bees. Sorry you're so allergic!

  2. Thanks for award, and thanks for making me smile!

    Your #3 is awesome. I haven't done that in a long time... a good reminder that we're never too old to have sleepovers!

    I'm also totally jealous of your #6. My nails are weak and flimsy!

  3. Congrats on your awards, and thanks for passing one along to me (and for the haiku plug)! Coincidentally, I have an award waiting for you over at my blog. Stop by to pick it up! :)

    I'm also jealous of #6. I can't even keep my nails "regular" length, due to the fact that I'm a terrible nail biter. I'll probably never break the habit...

  4. Sleepovers are the best, no matter what the age!! Rubbing alcohol I'm not so sure of :p

    Kudos on the awards:)

  5. Congrats on the awards!

    And how scary to be that allergic to something so common. *shudders*

  6. well, you little sweetie! Congrats to you and Thank You very much for the love! (((hug))) Weekend was quiet on the book front--argh--but loud on the spending time with family/kids front--yay! Have a super week~ <3

  7. Congrats on the awards! I will definitely check out the blogs you gave awards to that I don't already follow.
    - Sophia.

  8. Fabulous awards!

    Holy Toledo batman I love what you've done with the place!!! It's crazy to me that I've been away so long!! I love OWLS! Like seriously I do! This is awesome! So glad to be back to blogging, so sorry I've been gone!

  9. Congratulations on the awards! And I used to be allergic to bees and hornets as a kid. Don't know if I still am or not.

  10. OH! I love sleepovers! Never too old!! Some serious allergies too, gal. Wow! Please don't die in the wilderness...seems awfully inconvenient...;)

    Hope you love your new couch (finally got one! hurray!)

  11. Aw, thank you, Jennie! So sweet of you! And yay for sleepovers! I don't think I'll ever be too old for them: good friends, good movies, and good talks never go out of style :)

  12. Awesome on the awards! And I love sleepovers too! I would love to do one some day. Although Little Monster will be getting to the point of having sleepovers herself real soon! Yikes, a bunch of tweens in my house overnight- I remember what that's like!

  13. My dad is allergic to bees. Once he had to be rushed to the emergency room after a bee stung it, it was that bad.