Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Odds and Ends

This blog post is going to be a bit of this and that - odds and ends. Here and there. I have a few things that I want to put into posts but they aren't enough to stand on their own. Hence, the odds and ends and smashing together of things that wouldn't normally go together.

I am so bad at reviews. I really am. So instead of reviewing books, I'm going to recommend a few that I read last month and couldn't put down (without going into long, drawn out reviews which would likely turn you off to very good books):

Perilious by Tamara Hart Heiner - I could not put this one down. I read it in two days. I just wanted to get the girls through their ordeal as quickly as possible. Don't you just hate it when you get to the end of a fast ride and you're disappointed? Me too! I was so worried that was going to be the case with this book because I was so into it, so invested. But it didn't happen. No disappointment here at all. Did NOT feel that way at the end of this book. It left me wanting more. So rush over to Amazon and pick up your copy!

CassaStar by Alex J Cavanaugh - I have to say that a few years ago I had to force myself to read outside of my usual genre because I was missing out. That being said, I would have bought this book even if I hadn't made that vow because I love Alex and his blog. If you haven't been there, go NOW. No, WAIT! Let me finish. I also finished this one in two days. It caught me and pulled me in for the ride. Imagine how excited I was to read that Alex is writing a sequel - super exciting because I didn't want to leave this world. Even when we take a break from the action, we are still interested because the characters are...see, here I go with a pathetic review. Just buy a copy and thank me later!

Matched by Ally Condie - Talk about a page turner. I never in a million thought that I would be interested in Dystopian but the Hunger Games series really opened me up to them. This was excellent. Everything you want from a YA - the teenage girl conflicted over the good, good guy and the equally good but not allowed to be with her guy. It was fast paced and you were scared for the main character the entire time. I had to keep reading to get to the end. Again, I want MORE.

With that out of the way, there are a few contests and exciting happenings that I want to point out:

1) In FIVE days, Rose Cooper's GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS ROOM is released! I'm so excited, but will remain calm long enough to tell you that she is having a Blog Book Release Party WITH giveaways on the 11th. Hop on over to her blog for all the dets (yes, I'm trying to be cool - dets is pronounced deets and is short for details).

2) The lovely Jen at Unedited is having a For The Love Of Giveaway. Your choice of prizes - book related or bath related. Since some of us get our best ideas lounging in the tub, this appeals to the other side of us. It's also nice to read IN the tub, but you can't win both. Click here to enter.

3) Elena Solodow is having a One Hundred Words for $100 Blogfest. And who doesn't like winning cold, hard cash. You can buy things - like post-its or purple pens or books or bubblegum! Enter here.

4) Amy is racing toward 100 followers - let's help her get there! As a prize, she will be giving away a copy of her unpublished novel, Duty and Death (how cool is that title?!?). Click here to enter.

5) Last minute addition - TRILOGY CONTEST! The prizes!! You must go see for yourself - critiques, books and a gift card up for grabs.

In keeping with the 'odd', I'm going to end with an odd obsession:

About two years ago, I caught a really bad cold that went to my lungs. I lived off of Halls Cough Drops. It's a habit that I haven't been able to kick. Seriously. Do you know how expensive cough drops are? And generic brands are NOT Halls. Not even close. That's wasted money right there.

My addiction is so bad that my pharmacist husband gave me lectures. Many of them. So many that I started hiding the bags from him. I currently have one in each purse (yes, I have purses that match different outfits - don't judge me!), one in the bathroom, one in the dresser, one in the desk drawer (my writing drawer that he never enters), one in the kitchen and one in each of our cars. For serious. Obsession.

I'm such a junkie that I frequently pop TWO at a time in my mouth.

One of the best gifts I got for my birthday this year? A bag of goodies. Maiko fed my habit, but like a true friend also tried to break me of it with these:

Not quite Halls. But I'm really trying to turn to these first. They aren't sugar free so that is one step in the right direction. And they have this really cool center to them.

That's my 'odd' end.

What about you - Any odd habits you have? Odd obsessions or addictions? Any contests I need to know about?


  1. Perilous looks good and thanks for the linkies, Jennie!

    You're a cough drop junkie? :O

    Odd obsession? When I was a kid, I used to collect pencil leads when they broke. Don't ask me why.

  2. Now that is one really weird obsession! Can't wait to hear whether you can make the switch or not :)


    Ooh, check out our Trilogy Contest, just announced, woot!!!


  3. I loved Matched so much! Such a fun read. I can't stand cough drops, but I'm definitely addicted to caffeine. If I go a day without tea or coffee, I get a horrible migraine. Clearly caffeine can't be good for my body, but I can't give it up!

  4. I want to read all three of those books now! Coffee's my main addiction; I have to have it in the am or like Meredith it's headache city. But I only have 2 before noon - unless it's a special occasion. Great reviews, really!

  5. Awesome job on the book reviews!! I have the same issue with Alex, if he wasn't so darn awesome I would never have ventured into the sci fi world (no matter how many people tell me I ought to...but it's surprisingly a good world! lol)

    That is a very odd thing indeed, the cough drops. I LOVE those fruity vitamin c halls thingies. Never been a big mentholly kind of person though I guess. Your addiction truly cracked me up though! At least it isn't illegal. ;)

  6. Aw, see? You did write an awesome review! And two days? Wish I could write that fast. Working on the sequel - promise!
    Thanks so much for the kind words. Between you and Colene, I'm almost embarassed...

  7. I'm addicted to Cinnamon Altoids. I had a horrible gum habit and so I thought I switching to mints might help... but now I'm obsessed with those!

    Oh well. At least my breath is always fresh. :)

  8. Bee - that IS an odd obsession, but kind of cool in a strange way.

    Rach - added the trilogy contest! and I've been trying to avoid the choc covered honeycomb because it looks addicting!

    Mer - it depends on which experts you like to believe. There are a whole host of benefits to moderate coffee drinking (daily) and tea. I can't go without my two cups in the morning and my green tea in the afternoon.

    mshatch - I'm glad the books peaked your interest! I am a two cups before nooner as well.

    Colene - I guess that's a good way of looking at it. It's not illegal. Odd, but can't land me in jail. Although at $2.50 a bag, that's a $10 a week habit...as long as I don't end up destitute and have to shoplift them! ;-)

    Alex - Pretty amazing to hook two of us who aren't big SciFi readers! I wish you could write that fast as well...but I guess I can wait. Heavy sigh.

    Jenny - Fresh breath! Everyone always asks me "are you sick?" when they smell the menthol. I just pretend I'm getting over a cold so I don't have to mention the addiction. Have you tried the chocolate covered cinnamon altoids?? Oh yummy!

  9. You are too freaking cool for words. Seriously. I heart you like a whole flipping bunch. You have so much awesome here!

    Matched Rocked! Perilous Rocked! Gossip from the Girls Room Rocked!

  10. Jennie,
    Maiko and I got that Maxx candy from the Filipino store. Let me know if you need more :P