Friday, January 21, 2011

FUN Friday

TGIF! It's time to start our weekend! Okay, maybe not time for a few more hours. In the meantime, enjoy...

I don't think Justin should take this personally. I think it's the haircut. Notice the cat aims for the hair.

For those of you who haven't seen the 3 year old crying over Justin Bieber, click here. They've disabled the Embed so I had to use linkage. The best part is 4:10.

I'm trying ignore the sad part about the baby monkey really needing to be riding on its mom and just enjoy the silly song that I couldn't get out of my head for days...

Have you seen the sneezing panda?

I swear I've had that same expression when Erik has surprised me with a sneeze before.

My friend Dan is an Exec Producer with IFC. Naturally, he's VERY excited about the premiere of Portlandia tomorrow night. Be sure to tune in!

Doesn't it look FUN!?!

Tonight is Date Night! Tomorrow will be spent hiking with Lily, her boyfriend and my bestfriend Mel. Sunday? Um, FOOTBALL! Oh, more video...

Wave to your Mama, she's in the stands!

Hopefully, LT will be moving those hips towards another six a few times on Sunday! Although, he's never been big on personal records and accomplishments so I'm sure he doesn't care who scores as long as they WIN. I have to agree. Go JETS! (Sorry Meredith!)

I will also be spending the weekend trying to pick my Top Ten Songs for Alex's Blogfest on Monday! If you aren't signed up for it yet, click here and do it.

But not before telling me what's up with your weekend? Any big plans? Any small plans? Or a relaxing no plan weekend?


  1. That Portland show looks interesting. I hadn't heard of it before today.

    Might be going to New Hampshire this weekend, depending on the weather. We keep getting hit with these snowstorms...

    Some good football on Sunday, too! :)

  2. I LOVE the sneezing Panda. SO cute. :) I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. HA! I love how the baby monkey tries to chase down the pig lol. So cute!! Thanks for the awesome videos as always!! Have a great date night!!

  4. The cat has good taste - and yes, I've seen the sneezing panda!

  5. Haha, the baby monkey song is totally stuck in my head now! Poor little monkey. Have fun rooting for the Jets, even though I still don't approve! :)

  6. I agree with the cat!

    I love these videos. Totally made my break from class better than it would've been otherwise!

  7. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned, I hope you have fun! My plans are small: pick up the 5(!) books waiting for me at the library and possibly practice driving manoeuvres on Saturday and watch the Jets (and Bears) kick butt on Sunday.
    - Sophia.

  8. oh, the usual weekend plans. A birthday party here, church stuff there. That is one pissed-off cat! wow! :D You have a great weekend, cutiepoo~ <3

  9. I love the panda video!

    I plan on watching a whole lot movies this weekend...a whole mind-numbing lot :D

  10. OMG I LOVE the sneezing panda- I've seen it before and it just cracks me up every time I see it. Love the pig and monkey thing too ;p

    Also, I noticed the other day that the Biebes cut his hair a little- oh the agony!

    Have a wonderful date night (my hubs is actually home so I get a date night too!) and have fun this weekend! Nothing planned for us- Eagle Days is at the Nature Center and we'll probably go to that tomorrow. We get to see the zoo's bald Eagle Phoenix (she's been with them for a LONG time) and a golden eagle I think. Our town has a nesting site on one of our lakes that the bald eagles come to every January. Very pretty!

    Oh man, I gotta think up my songs too...thats going to be a VERY hard one!

  11. Love these Friday funnies!

    I will never get the fuss over Justin Bieber (even though his hometown is right by my hometown) but then again, I'm at least 2 decades older than the average fan. Every time I see him I want to put a bobby pin in his hair.

  12. The sneezing panda totally cracked me up! :)

    Hope you enjoy Date Night!

  13. OMG - that first cat video is super funny!!! I might have to borrow that to post on my blog. :)

    Oh, and I love the baby panda sneeze video. I saw that a few years ago & it's been one of my favorites since!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!