Monday, January 2, 2012

Sometimes Getting Sick Can Help

I spent Christmas and New Year sick with pneumonia (again).  But there are some good things that happen when I get really sick.  I tend to go and go and go and go until my body tells me ENOUGH!  Then I must settle in and focus on rest. 

Rest includes reading.  I sometimes whine about not having any time to read.  When you're flat on your back (but propped up so that you can breathe and cough), you have plenty of time.  I caught up on reading - from a friend's new YA (which I loved) to The Scorch Trials by James Dashner to V is for Vendetta by Sue Grafton.  I wanted to do more, but I was really tired. 

When I wasn't reading, I was watching old favorites.  I drifted in and out to Xena and Stargate Atlantis and Robert Rodriguez films (don't ask).

Because I couldn't do more than slumber the first week, I had plenty of time to think about my rewrite.  Think.  Not write.  This turned out to be a good thing.  I made a note here and there.  But mostly, I just thought.  And plotted.  And rearranged.  When I did have the energy to sit up and write on my new laptop, I was ready.  I ran things by my Crit Buds, flushed things out and I'm rocking this rewrite.

So sometimes getting sick can be an advantage.

How was your holiday?  And your New Years?


  1. Sorry you were sick again :( But glad you got to relax and catch up on reading. Tackle those rewrites- can't wait to see what you've done with it.

  2. Sorry you were sick, but at least it had positive results. And nothing like a marathon of Stargate!

  3. :( But it sounds like you got some good stuff done when you were forced to sit and rest! Xena...freaking love Xena...Have you gotten Death Cure yet? It's a goody.

  4. oh, man. I KNOW how that feels. Once when I had pneumonia, I spent a week drifting in and out to Martha Stewart followed by The Muppet Show (in reruns). It was... crafty and cool. :D

    But so glad you've gotten so much accomplished and are on the road to recovery! Happy New Year! :o) ((hugs))

  5. I want to fly back to the west coast and make you chicken soup and take care of you. I hate that you're still sick! :(

    I had an okay holiday, though I spent the whole time packing and traveling. It's all right though, made it to Toronto in time to ring in the new year with friends. Kind of feeling out of sorts, and I'll probably feel that way for awhile. But I'm glad it's 2012.

    I predict lots of good things for both of us this year! BIG FAT HUGS and sending you good vibes for a quick recovery.

  6. Hope you feel better soon. I totally understand being laid up with pneumonia. Had it in October. Happy New Year.

    Tiger on My Bookshelf

  7. Sorry you were ill, Jennie B., but it's great that you found the bright side and were able to rest up and read up. Yay for the rewrites going well, too! I hope you start feeling better soon, though, even if being ill had some unintended benefits. Oh, and Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year Jenn!
    I hope youre feeling much better now. I actually finished reading your whole manuscript and have some notes which I can't wait to share on the 10th :)

  9. Glad you are feeling better! You definitely need and deserve that rest.