Friday, January 20, 2012

FUN Friday


Did everyone have a great week?

Or at least a decent one?

Well, even if you didn't have either - the weekend is here!
Let's have some fun!

This combines my love of the Dark Side and dogs...can't beat it!

And keeping with the Star Wars humor...

I heart Snoop. How can you not love a man who can poke fun at himself?
Kid Funnies

In 3rd Grade City Wildlife, I had a kid tell me (a few years ago) that he and his cousins think it's fun to pull the tails off the lizards in their yard.  Since learning this disturbing behavior, I have started using it in the classroom.  I'm relieved to find ALL the other students have been appalled by this.  Here's how this week went:

Me:  Is that a very kind thing to do?
Kids:  No!
Me:  What happens that night when a predator shows up?
Marcus:  He'll be like 'I'm just gonna throw my tai---daaaaang, it's gone!'


I had a fan club when I sat down in the circle with the kids.
Jasmine:  Teacher, I like your hair.
Me:  Thank you.
Susana:  I like your hair too.
Jocelyn:  I like your eyes.
Susana:  I like your eyes too.
Jose:  I like your shoes! 
Susana:  I like your...(looks at my old, dirty Nikes)

I guess she didn't like my shoes.

When I took Cooper around the room for petting, two little boys stood out.

Hido:  Can I may I please to pet your very nice doggie please?

Oh how I love it when they use both 'can' and 'may' and throw in an extra 'please.' 

Anthony:  I don't think I should I pet Cooper.
Me:  Okay.  You don't have to.
Hido:  Are you scared?
Anthony:  No.  I don't think I should pet Cooper because everyone touched him first.  (whispers)  He's a dirty dog.

That's my second germophobic kid in the last year!

Caden:  I have a purple mustache!  (He did)
Me:  How did you get that?
Caden:  From drinking my gogurt. 
Me:  Ahhh.
Caden:  But I don't know where it is.
Me:  You don't know where your gogurt is?
Caden:  No.
Me:  If you drank it, isn't it...
Caden:  (cuts me off) Oooooooooh yeah.  I know where it is! (Lifts his shirt and points)  It's in my bellah!

My weekend plans include lots of cleaning.  And organizing the linen closet.  May not sound like fun, but I swear I can feel the disorganization every time I walk past it.  I can't stand it another minute!  Well, I can stand it another day - no longer than that!  We'll try to get a hike in with Lily as well.  She's become a bit lazy in her old age (she's all of four). 

What about you - any big weekend plans?


  1. The Star Wars dogs is funny.
    Heading off to see Underworld: Awakening - and Kate - very soon!

  2. Oh my goodness, you have the best kid stories ever! All of those made me laugh out loud, especially the lizard and gogurt ones! Have fun organizing this weekend--I may need to do that, too. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, the sh*t no-one says is so true. I kept mentally saying 'yes, who says that?!'. I love your kid funnies. Marcus sounds so fun! And aww at Anthony.

    I'm doing some organisation this weekend, too! Medicine cabinet and my closet since 1) I've been ill and 2) I sold clothes on eBay. I'm excited. And I'm gonna read since I have so many books and more to be picked up. Also I might finish my WIP. Have a great weekend, Jennie B.!

  4. So many good kid stories this week!

    My brother was one of those kids who pulled the tails off lizards. If you knew my brother, you wouldn't be surprised.