Friday, January 6, 2012

FUN Friday

Can you believe the first WEEK of 2012 is coming to an end already?

TGIF anyway!

Let's start with some Party Rock Anthem (for Jenny). Let's use their New Year's performance and pretend for a moment that we're ringing it in together! I just love the dancing in this video (from the professionals, not the crowd though I'm sure there were some good dancers there as well).

 I thought this was brilliant on Conan's part. Dark Knight Rises.

 I may date myself a bit with this one, but I used to LOVE Paula Poundstone.

 Proving dogs can be trained to do just about anything...

 This made me laugh and melt at the same time. Where's Bea?

I hate to end with the same song, but...this was a Halloween light show that drew so many people, the guy couldn't do his annual Christmas light show. The neighbors needed a break. I'm so amazed by people's creativity and I wouldn't even know where to begin with this. So impressed. And it's just FUN!

We've been on a break from the schools (because they've been on a break) so I don't have any kid funnies for you.

 But I do have a classic Jenn moment.

I've never censored myself when I think I have a joke. I guess 10 years in Writers Rooms makes it ingrained in me. Not always a good thing. Sometimes I can see the joke and I just throw it out there before I think about what I'm saying. This happened at the doctor's office this week. I bring you...

Why I Love My Doctor

 I've been sick for three months. I'm finally getting better. But that's a lot of doctor's appointments so you can't blame me for being a little whiny.

Me: I'm just tired of coming here.

Doctor: (pretends to look like his feelings are hurt) Awww.

Me: No, it's not you. I like you! I do. I just don't like the things you do to me. (Chuckle) I guess no man wants to hear that come out of a woman's mouth.

There's an awkward silence that is only about a second long, but feels like an eternity.

Doctor: As long as it doesn't come from my wife, I'm good.

 And THAT is why I love my doctor. Because he can one up me when I get awkward with the jokes.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone! 

I have been cleared to workout again which means HIKES! Two on the agenda for the weekend.

What about you - any big weekend plans?


  1. The Halloween one was wild! Bet that took some time to put together. And some cash.

  2. I'm with Alex, what an amazing Halloween thing! Definitely time and money!

    LOVE SEEING THIS! Miss your blog! SO glad to be commenting again!

  3. I just laughed SO HARD I spit chewed banana out of my mouth! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Jennie, I adore you. That's exactly the kind of thing I would have said to my doctor, but I know he wouldn't have laughed! He'd have turned bright red and I would have wished for a hole to swallow me up.

    Thanks for that laugh, and thanks for playing Party Rock Anthem! Good way to get my Friday going! :)

  4. How does that Halloween house guy do that??? I can't imagine. It's just so cool! Haha--I've totally made inappropriate jokes to people I hardly know before. Never a good feeling. I hope you have wonderful hikes this weekend!

  5. In answer to your question, no, I can't believe the first week of the new year is nearing its end. My life in 2012 is still so similar to the 2011 version, what the heck!

    That comedian, oh my gosh! Way to improvise and involve the audience. I was wary of an 8 minute video, but it flew by, then I realised my cheeks ached. And the dog! Can I please have a dog who knows how to do dishes? No, if he could just manage to go to the bathroom outside on his own and go for the occasional solitary walk when it's raining, I'd be sold. And the Halloween lights! Jennie, I'll say it for the millionth time: you link to the best stuff.

    Enjoy your hikes, I know you must have missed them while you were ill!

  6. That Halloween show was awesome! Have you read Tinsel? A writer follows some holiday-hyped folks for a couple of years to chronicle their crazy, and he gets an insider's look at how many lights and switchboards and things it takes to make light shows. It blows my mind--the thousands of dollars and endless hours of work. But the outcome is rockin', so I'm not about to complain! :)
    So glad you can be out and about again. Enjoy your hike!