Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Top Christmas Gifts List

The Hubster spoiled me ROTTEN this Christmas. He went way over our agreed upon budget. I, of course, did not. Now I feel rotten for not overspending. Thrifty me. Poor Hubster.

My favorite gifts?

Rosetta Stone Spanish. It's embarrassing how little I speak after eight years of it in middle school and high school. The problem, though, is that they taught us Spain Spanish. My friends all speak Latin American Spanish (of differing versions). So do the children I teach. While I can understand what they are saying to me, I can only speak a handful of words in return. To educate, I need this language (especially at weekend fairs and when dealing with the pet owning public in Los Angeles). I'm SUPER excited to dive into this!!!

I got TWO wall calendars. One for the office, one for the living room. Both rescue American Pit Bull Terrier calendars - one from BAD RAP (My Dog is Family) and one from the Unexpected Pit Bull. Both adorable. They include stories with the pictures, which is always fun. Tomorrow, I plan to transfer all important dates from 2010 to these!

TWO filterless air filters! Yay! No more replacing filters. This will save hundreds of dollars a month! And help my allergies to my pets.

My stepmom does the BEST thing for all of us - we each get a bag. Full of goodies! It's so much FUN to take our time sorting through each small gift she has picked out especially for us. CANDLES! Socks (the warm, fuzzy, nonslip kind)! A pad of paper that hangs on the fridge for my grocery list!! So many other nifty little gifts. She has wanted to discontinue this for years, but we won't let her. It's tradition and we all just love it.

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. My partner in the non-profit bought this book last year. She's been trying a few new recipes a week and loving them. When she finds a good one, she forwards it to me. Haven't missed yet! She bought me my own copy AND a recipe binder. She started the binder already. Too cool! I made a lentil soup tonight that Erik and I just LOVED. I'm so glad there are leftovers for tomorrow night!

I got an awesome Vera Wang purse. Thanks Mom!!

But the best gift of all? A laptop desk with a FAN! No more overheating! I can spend hours blogging and writing without my computer shutting down. LOVE IT!!

What about you - what did you get for Christmas? What were your favorite presents??


  1. For Christmas I was given money, jewellery, bath stuff, eatables, purple tights, two pairs of gloves, coffee in a pretty tin and books (driving theory test/highway code and bakery). Favourite gifts were a pair of grey fingerless studded gloves and a big silver flower ring.

    It sounds like you had a good Christmas too!
    - Sophia.

  2. My favorite gift this year, because it's so difficult to arrange, was just getting to spend time with family members. In that same vein, Honey got the whole weekend off, which is unheard of, so that was pretty awesome. And the snow....

    I also got this laptop I'm blogging on :)

    It was a relaxed and wonderful holiday for us. I'm glad yours was great, too. I love those goody-gift bags!!!!

  3. My wife overspent on me - I got a new TV for my office.
    Glad you got a new laptop.

  4. Sounds like you had a good Christmas. I got a GPS, so now I could drive and NOT get lost. A heart shaped necklace, a blanket for my couch (as vacuuming the pet hair off it is a lot of work), and a new wallet. My family didn’t go out of their way this year with gifts as it’s been a difficult year for everyone.

  5. Awesome, sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!

    I hear that Rosetta Stone now has a service where you can schedule 1-hour sessions with a real live person to review/practice each lesson. Definitely check it out if you can!

  6. Wow! What a great bunch of things! Glad you had a great holiday!! I have always wanted to try that Rosetta Stone stuff, keep us posted on how it goes!

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas:D My laptop is crying in envy :p I think it's on its last leg :(

  8. Sophia - It sounds like you had a great Christmas as well. Coffee, books, bath stuff AND money?

    TWC - Glad Honey got the whole weekend off! That must have been the best present. Hope you're enjoying that new laptop!

    Alex - a new tv for the office! You are spoiled! I didn't get a new laptop - just the fan desk, which is really all that I needed!

    Angelina - sorry it's been a difficult year! I can't swear enough by blankets on the furniture. I LOVE just having to toss them in the wash twice a week to get the couch clean. So much less work. That would have been my favorite gift! I'm ashamed to admit that I still get lost with GPS. :-( I don't trust it like I should and get myself into predicaments...

    Liz - It DOES! I'm super excited about that part. At least I won't hear their laughter through the screen!

    Colene - I can't figure out whether to hook up in the office on this computer or on my laptop. I think I'll go with this one. The chair is just so uncomfortable. But my laptop is slow and tends to freeze...I'll keep you posted when I start it!

    Erica - I can't tell you how lovely the fan desk has been. I had my laptop on for HOURS last night with no overheating at all. Not even warm! It's like having a new computer!!

  9. I'm glad you loved your quilt so much, too. Love, Mom