Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sick Days

WHO looks that good when they have the stomach flu??? WHO??? I found that picture and thought it was amusing. Next time, that's the look I'm going for.

I'm about to overshare, but not in a gross way. So...The Hubster, wonderful man that he is, decided to surprise me with a surprise birthday party (which is now being called a barfday party) on Saturday. GREAT IDEA! Super sweet. But then he needed my help with planning so there went the original surprise part. I was very impressed that no one said anything to me about it (points to all my friends!) and some even tried to pretend they knew nothing about it when I brought it up.

Anyway, I get home from wrapping and the house is decorated like this!

How sweet! He did a great job...but...

Someone brought a BEAST into my house. Feeling that they couldn't miss the party, they came even though they weren't feeling well.

I got the call the next morning - stomach flu. MY WORST FEAR. Happy Birthday to ME! I sweated it out...and got it Sunday night. Oh, it was violent and painful and no fun!!!!

This is what I looked like in reality.

Only probably not even that good.

The best thing about being sick? When you're just starting to feel better. The storm has lifted. You know it's over. The major part anyway.

I had brand new pajamas from Leslie! Ooooh, how I loved those pajamas. I appreciate them even more now!

I got CANDLES from Mere and Mel - those candles were going to be my writing candles, but they ended up being my sick day candles. I have all kinds of ideas for my rewrite thanks to those lovely candles!!

Other favorites (not for my birthday, but from being sick):
Ice chips
Saltine Crackers
Cinnamon Toast
Rice with Butter

But the BEST present that I got was...

My photography will never win me any prizes. This was the best of the bunch.
Nutschell stood in line and got me an autographed copy of Torment! Lauren Kate was even nice enough to write "Happy Birthday"! How cool is that!?! Made my birthday!

I'm sorry I haven't felt up to visiting everyone's blogs! I promise to try over the course of the day today. For now, I'm crawling back into bed in my lovely new pajamas!


  1. Happy birthday, Jennie, and feel better! Cuddle up with that book and just take it easy.

    Here's wishing you many more birthdays (healthy ones)!

  2. and look how calmly she's holding that toilet. Load-a crapola! :D Sorry you're sick. I've caught the sore throat. :p

    But I love that book! And Happy Birthday!!! <3

  3. Sorry your birthday ended on a sick note! And no one looks good when they're tossing their cookies.

  4. Oh no!!! I hope you get back 100% soon!! I'm so sorry you got sick! Didn't you JUST mention being afraid of stomach flu?! Weird. Happy Late BIRTHDAY!!!!

    That book looks lovely, and autographed! Amazing!!

  5. Happy Birthday and I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Jenny - Yes, may the next ones all be healthy. That couple is permanently on my Do Not Invite list. Typhoon Santiago took out that entire party. Everyone ended up with it except for two people. I'll be lucky to get anyone to come to my party next year.

    LTM - I know! HA! She's all delicately crouched over it in her matching outfit. What a load! Although, my new pajamas did match and I think somewhere around 3am I pulled my hair back in a ponytail. But I did not calmly embrace a very pristine looking toilet. Puh-leeze!

    Alex - I'm sorry too. No one does! Not even cute little kids. I know projectile vomiting is supposed to be hilarious ON CAMERA. Not so much when it's in real life.

    Colene - Totally weird. I was SO ANGRY when I got the call that the husband was sick because I remember he wasn't feeling well at the party. Not mad at them. Mad at the circumstances because it IS my worst fear. But I made it out alive.

    mshatch - already on the mend. Thank you so much!

    Angelina - Thank you! What a way to start the next year of my life!

  7. Happy Birthday- it's horrible to get the stomach bug on your birthday!! So sorry about that :( It's definitely going around bad all over the place. Glad you can get some rest!

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