Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

It's WEDNESDAY! I've rubbed the cat tree and our magical has appeared, ready to grant your three wishes! Use them wisely!

Here are my wishes for the week:

1) A Healthy Dog! Still struggling with this one. My poor Lily is just a badly bred dog. I knew this when we rescued her having done all the research on the breed and her coloring, but my gosh! Allergies are one thing. Allergies that keep her skin pink and have her up all night itching, scratching and moaning - I just feel so bad for her. Switching her dog food is next on the list, but she's got an upset tummy to get over once again. It's just been one health issue after another with her since we got her. She's lucky she's got her sweet temperament and her good looks! So here's to wishing for her health. She's having to miss another "work" day, which she looks forward to. I think she loves educating rooms full of teens more than I do!

2) A Time-Turner. I'm up late again struggling to get this rewrite done because most of the day was spent trying to take care of the Lilster. Now that she is asleep, I can finally settle in to the quiet of the house and get some writing done.

Where does the time go? I mean, seriously - IT'S SEPTEMBER. What happened to the first 8 months of the year??? That Time-Turner would really come in handy!

3) True Blood season extension. There are so few shows out there that I look forward to. I hate that I'm so attached to cable shows because they don't have regular seasons - 22 episodes - like network shows. I'd much rather have 22 episodes of True Blood or Justified or Burn Notice than (ducking as people throw pies) The Office. I just would. I have one episode of True Blood left and then we're done until 2011? That's just not fair!

What about you? What are your three wishes for Magical Wednesday?


  1. 1. Ditto more TRUE BLOOD. Is it too much to ask for 10 more episodes? I'm already getting depressed that the finale is coming up. What will I do without my Sookie/Bill/Eric fix till next summer?

    2. Eyes that aren't so dry. Maybe it's because I spend all day staring at my computer (which I'm sure makes things worse), but I need something more than just drops to fix this. I'm seeing the eye doctor on Friday. Hope he has a solution!

    3. More caffeine... going to make another cup of tea right now!

    (Btw, sorry to hear about your dog. We had a cat who was badly bred and had a lot of the same problems with digestion/skin issues... it's an on-going struggle, isn't it? You have my sympathies.)

  2. Poor Lily. Our dog, a golden retriever had allergies and ear infections all the time. I felt so bad for her, but it was impossible to treat her for food allergies because of our three kids dropping food on the floor all the time. Hope you find out what's causing it and give her a little tummy rub for me. :)

    My wednesday wishes:
    1. that I didn't have to work this weekend.
    2. A book sponge. I have so many books on my TBR list and it just keeps growing and growing. Srsly, I want a sponge where I can just set it on top of the book and suck out the whole story.
    3. A swimming pool. I loved seeing the kids playing in the pool this summer but they're outgrowing our little plastic ones and I so wish that I had a yard big enough to get a nice one with a deck and diving board and all that. Well, these are wishes, right? I can dream.

  3. Jennifer - it's such a hassle dealing with it. We had problems with one of the cats, but a diet change actually helped tremendously. Hopefully, we can get this figured out with Lily. I thought of you today as I drove through Starbucks on the way home and ordered a venti shaken iced green tea. Got my caffeine fixed!

    Angie - I wish you didn't have to work this weekend either. You just added another book to my TBR list thanks to your review. Wednesday wishes are all about dreaming! You never know when she's going to grant one.