Friday, September 3, 2010

FUN Friday

I had the cutest troublemaker in one of my first grade Dog Bite Prevention classes. His name was Johnny. I knew his name was Johnny because the teacher used it at least 20 times while I was setting up ("Johnny, is that your seat? No. Well go find it." "Johnny, why aren't you in your seat?" "Johnny, leave her alone." "Johnny, will you PLEASE sit down?" and so on). When I pulled out my lifelike puppet (Cooper), little Johnny proceeded to announce (repeatedly) to the whole class "It's a PUPPET!" "I can see your hand. It's a PUPPET!" I always respond with "yes, but Cooper thinks he's real so we don't tell him or it hurts his feelings." Then Johnny started in with "Ms. Jennifer, I need to ask Cooper a question." I must have told him "when I'm done" at least a dozen times. "But it's really, really important!" Again, a few times with that statement. He finally sat on his hands and pouted until I finished. As soon as I was done, he raced up to the front of the room. Cooper was sitting on a chair while I was packing up my stuff. Johnny asked, "Now? Can I ask Cooper a question NOW, Ms. Jennifer?" I nodded my head. The kid just stood there, speechless. He looked back and forth between Cooper and I, fidgeting. I leaned down and said to him, "You can whisper the question if you want to." He shook his head. I waited. He fidgeted. Finally, he said, "Ms. Jennifer, can you please put Cooper back on your hand?" First cuteness. I complied. Johnny said, "Hi Cooper!" He looked at me. Oh, I'm catching on now. "Hi, Johnny," Cooper replied. "Do you like lollipops?" Yes, this was the really, really important question he just HAD to ask. Does my puppet like lollipops. "I do, but Ms. Jennifer doesn't let me eat them because they're bad for my teeth." "What's your favorite flavor?" "Grape." "I like grape too. But I really, really like apple. You can get these sour apple ones with caramel on the outside and they're my very, very, very favorite." Kids. Gotta love 'em.

I had a fourth grader today ask me, "What do you recommend if you have a hyper dog and your parents aren't home. It's just you and your brother and your dog in the house. You're not allowed to leave, but they need their exercise." I asked, "Do you have a backyard?" He nodded. "Does he like to play fetch?" This fourth grade boy looked at me like I was a dullard and responded, "He's a LAB." Well, DUH. I started laughing. Like everyone is supposed to know that labs love to play fetch. Oh, and I was supposed to know he had a lab. It also killed me that a 9 year old was asking me what I "recommend."

And one from kinder..."Ms. Jennifer, did you know I have puppy?" I love when they start with "did you know". One of these days I want to say "Yes, I knew that!" just to see the look on that little face. Even cuter - "Ms. Jennifer, did you know I have a baby brudder (brother)?" Okay, that was two. But they're adorable.

Now on to the CONTEST - there's a $15 Starbucks card for the winner! Two easy rules:

1) Follow me (I'm very entertaining!)
2) Tell me a cute kid story or quote. Best one wins the prize!

Contest ends Friday, September 10th.

I will announce the winner on Saturday, September 11th.

Good luck! And have a MAGICAL weekend!


  1. hey there: here's my funny oldest child: My daughter was watching Lady GaGa. Jasmyne is 9 and she says "Mom you know she licks girls. That makes her gay"

    "Oh?" I replied wandering through my course material.

    "Well yeah. But not the "gay" happy, its the new kind of "gay."

  2. Love your background! I'm visiting/following from KarenG's bbq, and glad I stopped by. Since I had 3 kidlets in 36 months, their stories are near & dear to my heart. So as not to take up all your's a link to my fav Ledbetter Lunacy episode.

    Great contest idea. Write on!

  3. Haha. Kids truly say the funniest things. I'm a teacher and when I was pregnant one of my students asked "Are you gonna have your baby anytime soon? You've been pregnant a looooong time!" Yeah, thanks for that reminder kiddo. ;)

    BTW, congrats my fellow winner on the Lettuce Write contest! :)

  4. Well Ms. Jennifer, I'm already a follower. I absolutely LOVED the story about the kid (Johnny) who just had to ask Cooper the question about his fav lollipop. These things are important!!!

    My funny story: I have two neices who are 4 and amost 2. They are the cutest dang things you ever did see. Anyway, the four year old said, "Aunt Shell, you want me sing you California Girls? It's about popsiscles." (they were eating popsiscles)
    I said, "Sure." And proceeded to sing some of the lyrics to the Beach Boys song, California Girls. "That one, Leigacee?"
    She puts a hand on a hip and said, "Nooooo, Aunt Shell, it's california girls, we're unforgetable, daisy dukes bakinis on top, sun-kissed skin so hot we'll melt your popsiscles ah oh ah oh ah oh ah oh ah oh."
    I kid you not!! And the kicker was her almost two year old sister sang it with her. I have the whole thing on video. Seriously!!! LOL

  5. you are all iced up, baby~ Us kindred spirits have to stick together, you know... I think you're right about Jen's voice.

    As for funny kid stories... Hmmm... I've got so many they're all jamming in my head now. The funniest to me are when they mix up words. Like the county seat here is Bay Minette. For a while my youngest called it Baby Nut. That stuck. Also my husband travels to Birmingham a lot... She called it Bethlehem.

    will those count? :o) I love your job~

  6. Miaou - had to purrowl in here from Karen's BBQ because there was a dog to visit. I quite like dogs even though I am a cat. When my sister was still a kitten we once to look at some pigs at your equivalent of a county fair.
    My sister was quiet for a moment and then she said very loudly, "They just sound like they have a really bad cold!"

  7. I'm already a follower, so here's my cute kid story:

    I was at the zoo with my boyfriend (now my husband) about ten years ago, and we were hanging out in the gorilla habitat (my favorite place). Beside us was a young family -- mom, dad, 2 kids, both small. We all stood watching the gorillas swing back and forth, and the kids were just squealing with delight at everything the gorillas did.

    We left the exhibit, and later that afternoon, we ended up in the gift shop, where Steve bought me a stuffed gorilla as a souvenir. I was walking around with it, swinging it by one arm, and sure enough, we passed by the same family we saw in the gorilla exhibit.

    The littlest kid, probably 5 years old, stops dead in his tracks, points to me and exclaims, "Look, ma! She caught a monkey!"

    Her parents laughed so hard they were in tears. I have no doubt that wherever they are today, they're probably still telling that story to their friends and family.

  8. Ah man, kids are so cute and funny. My daughter laid one on me the other day. She said, "mommy I love it when you clean. You do such a good job.". Ok, so I should have been a little tiffed that she thinks my biggest job is cleaning, but considering that my husband and two sons didn't even notice I had cleaned the kitchen made me kind of appreciate it that she pays attention, you know?

    Have a good weekend!

  9. Oh, shoot I didn't read the bottom and didn't realize this was for a contest. I probably could have remembered a cuter story. Oh, well.

    BTW - love your picture of you in your wedding dress. It's real cute!!

  10. I'm already a follower - thanks for coming by my blog! I did chuckle at your cute kids stories - aw, bless the little chap who couldn't talk to your puppet until it was back on your hand! :)

  11. I don't have a cute kids story. Well, that's all right, I don't have access to Starbucks here anyway.

    However, I'm glad to be a new follower.


  12. New follower here, from Karen's BBQ. A friend of mine told me about one of her students running to her squealing and pointing at a little boy, "Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Smith, he said the E word."
    Well, my friend ran the list of possible bad words through her mind and couldn't possibly come up with an E word. So she said to the girl, "Whisper it in my ear." The girl whispered, "You know. Idiot. The e word."

  13. Welcome everyone! I am loving your stories! It's going to be hard to choose a winner.

    Congrats to Clarissa and Jenn for winning KarenG's LETTUCE WRITE contest!

  14. Hey Jennie, Johnny sounds like my son-seems he is the distraction force of kindegarten this year.

    Just now he popped a beach ball so that I could turn it into a scorpion mask for him. Was I consulted on popping the beach ball first? No.

  15. haha Those kiddy quotes are gorgeous! I once worked with six year olds teaching them English. It was such a wonderful period in my life. They made me plastci jewelry, cards, painted me pictures. So fun.

    One day I said, "so, Alex, Write 'sock'." He came up to the board, I cage him the chalk, and he wrote 'cock'. Oh dear, the poor little darling, it took a lot of will power pn my part not to laugh!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm now following you too! :o) Looks like we got quite a bit in common!

  16. Hey Jennie! Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by and your sweet words. You, too, have an interesting blog. I loved the little kids stories. I work with three year olds and it can get quite comical. I'm sorry Lily is having a difficult time. I hope she gets on top of things quickly. Looking forward to getting to know you better *waving*

  17. I love kid stories. Mine (almost 4yo)says the silliest stuff. Let me see...she hates it when I put my hair in a ponytail-HATES IT. She'll pull it down if I do. Recently I had it up and she gave me the most disgusted face and said "why's your hair up?" I told her I was hot and asked why she didn't like it up. She replied with "You're not mommy when it's up. It's not pretty." Her face puckered like she was about to cry.
    Needless to say, I don't wear my hair up anymore.

  18. I think Johnny is going to drive everyone around him completely batty with his enthusiasm.

    We have a little gaffer in our family circle (he's a big gaffer now - I won't identify him - you'll see why...) who has always had a great sense of humour. One day his mom was changing his diaper and he started to pee. He giggled and said, "Mommy, I'm a fire engine!" Mommy laughed! :)

  19. OK just got another one. My 5 yr old saw some psychedelic dressed hippes yesterday - "Dad they dress themselves."

  20. Great contest!!! I almost missed being included!!!!

    Here is my kid story: It's more of a letter... based on spelling... here we go:

    Story About Hores
    I like Hores. Hores have other Hores friends. Hores like carrots. You wouldn't think they could but they can put their legs straight up. Hores make you feel good. My dad wants a hores but my mom says no. When I am 16, or 20 I will buy my own hores.

    *Spelling can make all difference. Who knows what dad was talking about, but I know the child meant horses... dad needs to start clarifying between whores and horses*

  21. My funny story:

    I was babysitting my cousin's daughter and decided that it would be fun to take her to play putt putt golf. So we get all strapped in and ready to go and when we get there, I try to explain to her how to play because she's 5. I teach her how to hold the club and what she needs to do to putt the ball all the way down the green. I even show her with my own putt.

    Needless to say, GirlChild was not having that mess. She wanted to win. So she would putt the ball once and would then just pick it up and put it in the hole.

    She did this every time!

  22. So much fun reading these! I have two kids and should have hundreds of stories but it is like when someone asks you to tell a joke -- suddenly your mind goes blank!

    One cute moment sticks in my head. My five-year-old girl was sitting in the backseat, quiet as a mouse, which is REALLY unusual for her. Then she said "Mommy. I've been thinking. I think we are God's toys."

    So deep, so funny, and sometimes, feels so true!

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  24. So many funny things munchkins say! And often they're so darn precocious with it too.

    Back when I had only two children, my husband and I took them to church. My daughter (now 12) was 3 years old. The church sang a lot of hymns, and they just finished one she was singing along with, but she didn't know to stop when everyone else did. The room was silent except for her: "...cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby. Listen to Iron Maiden baby with me." All in her little 3yo high-pitch voice, perfect for carrying across the pews. We still haven't let her live it down.