Sunday, September 12, 2010

Contests That Scream AWESOME!

I'm taking a break from football today to point out a few contests that are going on in the Blog World. Contests that I think you all should know about! So great I would feel guilty keeping them to myself even!

CA Marshall is having another FREE EDIT contest! That's right - you're FULL manuscript! But I'm not done yet, you say. No problem. She'll even wait up to a month for you to finish! While I really want this one for ME, I am pointing it out for all of YOU. Because I love you that much. You can enter it here.

Rose Cooper's debut novel Gossip From the Girls Room! It is mandatory to gossip for this prize. Start here. Leave gossip about Rose for Jen (Unedited) and then click the link on her blog to take you to Rose where you can then gossip about Jen! It's really FUN! And Gossip sounds great. I want to win it myself, but, once again, I love you all too much not to include you as well. Maybe if you win, you'll pass it along to me when you're done (hint, hint).

If you have a contest going, please let me know and I'll include you on my sidebar!

Not a contest, but a cool new blog for you to check out:
Killer Chicks - Chicks that Kill, how can that NOT be cool? These are three female authors who write about killers. And do it well. Jennifer Hillier is one of them. Her debut novel CREEP comes out next year! Stop by and check them out. It doesn't hurt to broaden one's horizons.


  1. wow! I hadn't heard of CA Marshalls contests! might need to get in on that one..Thanks!

  2. Great contest and I'll go check out the new blog. Thanks for the heads up.


  3. That's so sweet of you to give shout outs about all the contests! Thanks for the info and good luck!

  4. GREAT contests. I would enter the manuscript edit but I don't think I can finish my novel in a month, what with school and all. Sigh.

  5. Sweet! Thanks for the shout out, Jennie!

  6. Hi! I found you via Christine Danek's blog - sorry I missed your Starbucks contest. But then again, there's no Starbucks where I live:(

    Thanks for the contest links, I'll check them out. I have a contest on my blog too, if you'd plug it I'd be really grateful:)

  7. Thanks for mentioning my contest Jennie! Best of luck to all who enter!