Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Turntable Tuesday

Let's talk music! Do you have a current soundtrack for your current work? If so, do share! I have only one rule...


Primarily because I'm going to unfold mine for you and I guarantee there will be a few giggles and even an "Oh Jennie, really? I mean...REALLY?" Be prepared to chortle or guffaw.

Here it goes...

1. R Carlos Nakai - Song from the Morning Star

2. Sia - Breathe Me

3. Lykke Li - Possibility

4. May It Be - Celtic Women (sorry, Enya)

5. Ricky Martin - She's All I Ever Had (Don't judge me!)

6. Snow Patrol - Run

7. Gavin Rossdale - Love Remains the Same

8. Corey Hart - Never Surrender

9. Paramore - I Caught Myself

10. Krokus - Screaming in the Night (Don't you judge me!)

11. Melissa Etheridge - I've Loved You Before

12. Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For a Hero (Pull yourself off the floor and wipe those tears!)

13. Muse - Uprising

14. Pillar - Frontline

Apparently, that last one is a Christian song. I must confess that I actually got it here...

Huge Wallace fan. I had dreams of doing that with Lily when we got her as a pup...but she grew and she grew and she grew. She's a monstrous 75 pounds. Thirty five pounds larger than she was expected to be. Far too big for her supposed breed and far too big for a disc dog. I've had to settle for therapy dog instead, which she's quite happy with. But someday I will get my little disc dog. But I digress...back to music.

I also love this song, but can't find it anywhere so I've just been tuning in to YouTube.

I try not to watch the video while I listen to the song and write. Try. It doesn't always work. If anyone recognizes the song and knows where I can find it, I will be forever in your debt. The credits say it's called Zero Gravity by Songstress but I've had no luck finding it anywhere!

So that is on my playlist for my current rewrites.

What is on yours?

I promise not to judge. Or laugh. Pinky swear even!


  1. I copied off your playlist (or at least most of it - some of the tracks weren't available on Spotify), so we shall see if it works for me. I am constantly looking for music to write to, though at the moment I'm not writing fiction, so I don't really need "mood" music as much as usual. Actually, what has been working really well for me when writing my thesis are "original scores" to epic movies, preferably of the war kind. Funny that, since I am writing about wars...

    Thanks for the list :)

  2. Trisha Yearwood's She's in love with the boy is an excellent piece of storytelling. I always feel inspired to write every time I hear that song.

  3. LOL, Holding Out for a Hero is on my list too!

    Haven't heard Never Surrender in ages, but there was a time when that was a favorite of mine.

    Now remember you've promised not to laugh: somehow Rock Me Amadeus ends up on almost all of my playlists

    I'm big on soundtracks too. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Torchwood.

  4. I'm with Cruella - soundtracks work really well for me. I've been listening to Gosford Park and Poirot lately, with a dash of Inspector Morse on the side:)

  5. That cat is ridiculous cute! And awesome choices for your play list. I do love me some Paramore. Comes in handy for so many different kinds of scenes too.

  6. LOL! Jennie--I love the turntable kitty~ :D

    your list sounds interesting... I like Sia, so I"ll have to check out that song. For the first time I actually DID make a playlist for my WIP, but it's b/c I've been procrastinating like a mutha! :D

    I don't have it with me--currently out of town--but it includes songs by Queen (show must go on), Bowie (Queen Bitch), Grace Jones (I've seen that face before), Smithereens (A Girl Like You), and Rufus Wainwright/Kate McGarrigle (Heartburn).

    It's all set in a dark and shadowy place in New Orleans... I hope it's as moody as I want it to be. MUST get back to writing it~ :D

  7. Love, LOVE Bonnie Tyler - no judging here!

  8. I found my daughter's ipod music and added a Selma Gomez song to mine. How embarrassing, but the song really rocks. =)

  9. Cruella - Have you heard the soundtrack for The 13th Warrior? I sometimes listen to that. I find it very inspiring.

    Jeffrey - I'm very picky about country music, but that happens to be one of my favorite songs! "her daddy says he ain't worth a lick, when it came to brains he got the short of the end, but Katie's young and man she just don't care, she'd follow Tommy anywhere..." Oh man, now it's stuck in my head for the day!

    jblynn - I could never ever laugh at Rock Me Amadeus. First of all, because it's a great song. Secondly, when you have a Ricky Martin song on your playlist, you've hit rock bottom and have no room to laugh at anyone!

    Alexandra - I will check out both!

    C.E. - I'm a total Paramore junkie!!!

    LTM - Some great songs on that list of yours! They make me want to read it!

    Mystery - Somehow, I knew you'd have my back!

    Carolyn - I have a Hannah Montana song on mine so no judging here. I'm a Disney Channel addict.