Monday, June 13, 2011

How Do They Find Me

KarenG posted her stats last week. It made me wonder - how do people find me? What are they searching for?

There seem to be a lot of people out there wanting to clean garages. Four variations of it brought people here.

clean garage
garage clean
clean the garage
cleaning garage

I bet they were surprised to happen upon this post instead.

garden full of lily

Well, that one is downright boring. Too straightforward!

Let's move on.

creep review tao
red hair
warped clock

A bit more exciting!

The oddest search that actually brought the most people here?

emily osment feet

It wouldn't be bad if they were just searching for Emily Osment. I used to babysit her (and Haley) so I'm sure I've mentioned her somewhere in a blog post.

But FEET? How disturbing is that? I picture someone with a foot fetish searching for pictures of "emily osment feet." Shudder.

What about you - have you checked your stats? What brought people to your blog?


  1. That's so cool that so many people found your blog. I searched my stats a while ago, and found a different language site. After clicking on the link, I found that a Polish porn site was linked to my blog. That's when I stopped looking at my blog's stats.

  2. Emily Osment's feet made me squee. LOL.

    Um, I dunno how to search for my blog stats :-|

  3. Oh, I had to come back to tell you. My most hits come from 'i was a teenage vampire'. Don't even ask me where that comes from.

  4. How do I check my stats for phrases?

  5. Haha those are definitely some interesting phrases. I'll have to post some of mine at some point. They aren't super weird, but definitely interesting enough to see people's thought process when they are googling.

    I'd be a little creeped out by that feet one though...

  6. Eww, that is creepy. I really don't want to know what brought people to my blog now...ignorance is bliss. :)

  7. Hey, what happened to the comment I posted earlier today? @#$! Blogger!

    I haven't checked my phrases lately, but the last time I looked, someone had googled "Porno Jenny" and "I'm scared of balloons" and found my blog. The balloon thing I can understand since I have a weird balloon phobia (it's the whole popping part that freaks me out) and I blogged about that, but I'm sure whoever was looking for Porno Jenny was sorely disappointed :)

  8. HA! Those are awesome! Weirdo's and their feet...I love checking those phrases! Always good for a snicker and a confused face.

  9. Angelina - you and Jenny have the porno thing in common. I wonder why that site linked to your blog? Because you don't post your stories on there.

    Bee - That's hilarious!

    Alex - You click next to Traffic and it will display the phrases!

    Liz - Totally creeped out. The image in my writer's head of some old guy looking for pictures of her little feet...ugh.

    Meredith - But it's FUN to look! And to share! Oh please oh please oh please!

    Jenny - I can't stop laughing over the "I'm scared of balloons". Now I have to google your blog and that phrase to see what blog post it brings up.

    Colene - What are some of yours? Must know!!