Friday, June 3, 2011

FUN Friday


Let's go into the weekend laughing, shall we?

For all my writer friends out there, here is a great speech to inspire by a young child who just rode a bike for the first time.

Oh these boys are just too cute. "I'm a Little G." And the G is for Genius!

I love when they ask what they would do with a million a big house so he can live it with all the other kids who don't have a home. Too sweet.

One last funny to take you into the weekend:


When I was done with Dog Bite Prevention, I had a really sleepy Kinder girl yawn the biggest, widest yawn that I have ever seen.

ME: My goodness, that was a big yawn!
GIRL: Yeah. It was a really BIG day.
ME: You're only five. There's going to be bigger days than today in your life.
GIRL: But I'll be way older.
ME: That will make it easier.
GIRL: No, but I can nap whenever I want to when I'm old like you.
(NOTE: This is the same little girl who said, "You're really pretty!" when I walked in the door so she was forgiven for the 'old' comment.)

In First Grade, I held up the Dog Bite Prevention board with Lily and Erik on it (She's our "safe" to go up to dog - she has all three things: leash, collar and grown-up owner.)
GIRL: That looks just like my dog!
ME: She does?
GIRL: Yes! My dog is white with brown spots all over.

I had to look at the picture of Lily again. Yes, her dog looks JUST like Lily. ;-)

I have to say that I usually hear from the kids -
My dog is brown and her name is Brownie.
My dog is black and his name is Blackie.
My dog is white and her name is Snowball/Snowie/Blanca.

This week, I got a different version.
GIRL: Ms. Jennifer, I have two dogs. Did you know that they are chihuahuas?
ME: No, I didn't. What are their names?
GIRL: Well, the black one is Blackie and the white one is Milky!

Milky! We have a new name for white dogs!

I'll be wrapping presents at Barnes & Noble all weekend to raise money for Paws and Learn (8 hours each day). Plan to squeeze in a hike Saturday morning and a bike ride Sunday morning.

What about you - any big weekend plans?


  1. I love your kid funnies, Jennie! You could write a book on them :)

    And Milky makes me think of white chocolate all the time. Heh.

  2. Definitely needed some chuckles this morning! The kids on America's Got Talent were great - imagine all that confidence at that age?

    Another dog name I hear all the time is Samantha. Not color-specific, I know, but insanely common. I think I've met or heard about more dogs named Samantha than I have people!

  3. Oh my goodness, I cannot stop laughing about those America's Got Talent kids! They are so confident and adorable!

  4. The iPhone commercial was hilarious! I don't even have a phone, so I really can't get cancer.

  5. I'm sitting at the airport enjoying your cute kid stories! On my way to Toronto. Have a great weekend, Jennie!

  6. I WILL go out and buy a bike. I WILL try to ride it. I have health insurance.