Friday, June 10, 2011


I had planned to go through some boxes in the garage over the weekend and pull more poems for FLASHBACK Friday, but that didn't happen. I have to pull from what I have in the house instead. There isn't much to choose from - and most has already pained you.

With summer upon us, I thought I'd share this little poem. I was about sixteen when I wrote this, I believe.

Alone in a desperate world,
you make me laugh
until my sides split
like a summer watermelon.
We spit out the seeds,
enjoy the juice
then disregard the peel.

I started out strong. But what was that ending??? Wow.

That picture is Twig and I dressed up for a Murder Mystery Party. We were striking our "catalogue pose". Twig, aka Jennifer, is now an L.A. County Public Defender! She rocks. Seriously.

There were five Jennifers on the Cheerleading Team so we had a Jen, Jennifer and Jennie, then a Twig and a Giggles. Can you guess which one I was?

Funny of the week - My friend's mom still thinks that LOL means Lots of Love no matter how many times she's corrected. Her mom sent her this email:

I can't believe dad has been gone almost 2 years now. LOL, Mom

I have a nice Saturday to myself so I'll be tearing apart my Dystopian from NaNo and putting it back together. I'm hoping for a nice long bike ride on Sunday!

What about you - any big plans for the weekend?


  1. Gosh do I love the 80's. What a great picture. Those whites shoes!!

    I wonder if the peel in your poem was supposed to be a metaphor for something? I still haven't found my old stuff BTW. I'm thinking there's another box at my parents house that has what I'm looking for. I don't have a lot but I know it's there.

    I had the same thing with my mom with LOL. I think she figured it out though. On the other hand, I can't get her to stop pronouncing salmon as "SAL-MUN", no matter how many times I correct her.

  2. That picture is too cute! Very catalogue pose-y of you two. And I laughed out loud at that LOL email, even though I shouldn't have...ah, parents.