Friday, March 25, 2011

FUN Friday


Let's have some FUN!

This is my favorite commercial. Maybe ever. Because it's so sweet. Even at 40, your dad still sees that little girl. "Daddy! Okaaaay!"

I'm a sucker for kids and dogs - especially when they're both fighting sleep at the same time.

I heart Kathleen Madigan. Not everyone "gets" her humor. But I sure find her funny.

Today, I had this question from a 5th grader (hang in there because it starts out sad):

Obed: What do you if one of your neighbors is mean to his dog? Can you take it from him?
Me: No. That's what the Animal Cops are for. You call up L.A. Animal Services and report them.
Obed: Yeah, we tried that. They don't come. What if he's really, really mean? Like he hits it with a stick every day. Can you take it from him then?
Me: Well, you don't want to go up to him. If he's hitting the dog, who knows what he'll do to you?
Obed: Okay, but what if it's at night? If someone sneaks in and steals the dog? I hear that might be against the law.
Me: It is.
Obed: But why? He beats his dog. THAT should be agains the law.
Me: It is. That's why we keep calling Animal Control. We have mom film it and get it to the news. But we can't steal the dog. You'd have to go onto his property, which is called trespassing, and steal his dog, which is stealing. Two charges.
Obed: Okay, but what if you're just walking by...
At this point, I start laughing because I love that this doesn't just have compassion. He's got creativity and determination.
Me: I'm going to write a blog post about you.
Obed: My name is Obed. O-B-E-D. Okay, so if you're walking by and the gate just happens to come open and the dog comes out to say hi. If he follows you home, can you keep him then?
Me: Still can't keep him. You know where he lives so you legally have to take him back to his house.
Obed: If the owner isn't home?
Me: (sigh) Weeeeell, if the owner isn't home and one of your parents friends who really wants a dog just happens to be there and goes home with the dog and never brings him to your house to visit...
Obed: YES!
Me: But I'm NOT recommending that because even THAT would be illegal.

It's really hard when I hear stories (and, unfortunately, I hear them daily) about animals being abused. I can't do much to help those pets. I can plant seeds. I can recommend. Who knows if that will happen or not? This kid, though, made me laugh. The situation stinks for the dog at the moment, but with Obed in his corner, who knows what his future might hold? It's nice that he cares. These kids give me hope on bleak days.

We're off to Vegas for the weekend! We have a pet sitter staying with Lily all weekend. She'll get playdates with her boyfriend. She may have a better time than we do!

What about you - what are you up to this weekend?


  1. I love the subaru commercial!!! And yeah...if a birthday clown can get a loan, you know you've got issues.

    That story with OBed is so sad. But, his persistence is both endearing and funny. BEst part? How unfazed he was when you told him you were writing a blog about he was like okay here's my this dog!

    Have fun in Vegas! See you Monday!

  2. Oh my gosh, that Obed kid sounds like a keeper. Determined little guy, isn't he? Have fun in Vegas, Jennie B.! It's ladies' night tomorrow so I will be hanging out with my friend and some of her female relatives, and strippers and drag queens. Normal weekend stuff.
    - Sophia.

  3. I love your kid stories. Though this one was kinda sad hearing about his neighbor, it does give hope for the young generation.

    I had not heard that comedian before but I like her humor. I'll have to check out some more of her stuff.

    Have a great time in Vegas!

  4. That story about the dog is so sad. The kid is funny though. I hate hearing about animal abuse. Actually, it was animal abuse that inspired my romance novel which will be coming out this summer.

    Have fun in Vegas, girl! Hope you win some cash.

  5. I really think Obed is going to save that dog! He's a superhero in the making :)

    The first commercial made me tear up. The second clip made me laugh so hard! Such an emotional rollercoaster when I come here! ;) Happy Friday!

  6. Omg, that kid and dog falling asleep was hilarious. Aw, that kid in your class was sweet. They just don't understand- all they want to do is save the dog.

    Have fun in Vegas!! What do you like to do when you go?

  7. I LOVE Kathleen. She's so damn funny.

    And GO OBED!!! See, you can't say steal the dog, but I will! Steal the dog, find him a home and play stupid! "WHat dog? I didn't see no dog? D-O-G? Doggg....Nope. Nothing."

    But...I "stole" some peoples cat last year so I can't really talk...(hubs says I stole a pet, I say rescued a stray)

  8. Aw, what a creative kid! The dog is definitely better off with Obed in his corner. Have a great time in Vegas!

  9. I bet that kid does something heroic for that dog. At least, I hope so. Legal or not.

    Loved the videos, btw.

    Have fun in Vegas!