Friday, March 18, 2011

FUN Friday

TGIF indeed!

I started running again yesterday. So out of shape. I made it two miles. And only one of those was running. Although, the other mile was very fast paced. Does that count? My body says it does. Oooooouuuuuuch.

The weekend will include one more run. I'm kicking it off tonight with a pretty strenous hike as soon as The Hubster gets home. Saturday is supposed to bring rain - perfect writing weather! And he's working so I'll have the day to myself. Sunday will be another run at the track. This getting in shape stuff is tough! ;-)

Best. Video. Ever. I think because we do this to Lily all the time. Do you do this to your dog? But also, he's so cute.

I love him. I want him. I NEED him.

For Lily, you see.

A humorous look at moving with two insecure dogs. I couldn't stop laughing. Then I felt bad because this woman had actually lived through this. So had the dogs. But it was funny. Click here.

And because I'm trying not to make this all about animals today...

Is there ANYTHING cuter than the full on baby belly laugh? So geniune and so adorable - especially when it's over something as simple as ripping paper.

NOT funny, but I do love Amy Lee's voice. It's so haunting. I've been listening to this a lot lately while I've been working on rewrites.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Any big plans for the weekend?


  1. I love it when you post pictures of Lily. She’s so cute. That dog video was fun. I do the same thing with my dog, but he gets impatient with me and finds another place to lie down.

    Thanks for sharing the Amy Lee song. I’ve never heard that one before. Her voice is so haunting and her style is so sad. Her music always inspires me to write, and some of my best stuff was written while listening to her.

  2. laughing little kids are always, always precous. And I have to say... I strangely like that Amy Lee! Thanks for sharing!

    Good luck w/the running! It's tough, but you'll bounce back quickly~ :o) <3

  3. I'll be reading and writing. Not big, but they need to get done. And in the last week I've noticed I have to get around to a lot of blogs so I may have to do some culling and/or organisation so I'm not reading 80+ blogs a day.
    - Sophia.

  4. The dog video is adorable, haha. And the baby! *wants to cuddle it* Thanks for the Friday laughs!

  5. Oh running! Have fun with that.
    Laughing babies always make me smile and silly puppies! Also, Amy Lee has always been one of my fav singers! SO beautiful is her voice!

  6. Grr, I couldn't get the baby one to play! And then the others were cut off. Weird. Anyway, I'll come back later. But yes, those genuine baby belly laughs are the best. Especially when it's something like ripping paper.

  7. Nothing wrong with a bunch of dog videos and links!

  8. You know, I'll bet that doggie is plotting some wicked revenge....which is kinda scary cause I do the same thing to my kitties!

    And that little boy had me laughing till I cried! His poor head is gonna hurt from all that bumping around, lol.

    I've never 'met' Amy Lee before, but WOW!!!!!! Thanks for the intro! (I listened to her while writing this)

  9. Hahah I ALWAYS annoy my cat like that when she's sleeping! She hates it!

    You're running! Way to go girl! I fail at that...I really should exercise (want to look hot for those foreign boys) but that takes effort and I'm fresh out of that!!

    OMG I LOVE hyperbole and a half. Funniest site ever!

  10. Yay for running! Can be so painful, I know, but don't you feel incredible afterwards? I hope you had a great writing day!