Monday, March 28, 2011

Crawling In My Skin

I thought of this song by Linkin Park all weekend. I was itchy all over. I wasn't having an allergic reaction. I was suffering withdrawl.

I haven't written since Wednesday. My characters have been calling to me. They want me back in that forest. With them. Rewriting.

Also, my trip out of town meant the Crit Group isn't meeting until this evening. Another thing I missed! Saturday night didn't feel the same without my girls.

I teach today. Luckily, I have two breaks that will allow me time to find a quiet place to break out some paper and write, write, write. I get some of my best writing done on the hallway floors, in the crowded lunchrooms. I look forward to doing the same tomorrow.

And tomorrow night - Crit Group on Skype! So it's the best of both worlds on Monday. Two things to look forward to.

I had a blast this weekend, but it's good to be home!

What about you - do you miss it when you can't write? Do you start to squirm or itch? How do you feel?

I apologize for not getting to blogs this weekend! We were busy in the casinos and on trails! I promise to catch up today and tomorrow!


  1. I can go a fairly long time without writing...I don't realize anything is wrong until I'm so sad and down in the outs and then it hits me. I miss writing! So it's much more subtle than a physical itch.

    So STOKED on crit group tonight! I missed you girls like crazy. Saturday night was WEIRD and I felt AWKWARD without you. Though I suppose it's good cause I still have to finish your chapters (School came first :()

    Have fun writing!

  2. When I'm not writing, I don't quite feel like myself. I tend to get restless... which makes me crabby and not much fun to be around.

    Have fun at crit group! So awesome that you guys have each other.

  3. Glad you had a great time!

    I don't like going for too long without writing. Although sometimes it's good to take breaks, I miss it just too darn much.

  4. I feel guilty when I don't write. All this weekend (after I finished my homework, of course) I swore I was going to get a lot of writing done. I set myself a goal of four chapters. It was tornado-weather outside, so I was in my cuddliest of clothes, with a cup of coffee (later it became tea) and my Pandora station on...and then nothing. I couldn't write. I got three pages done and I'm still a little eh.. about them, but they're there. I did get a scene done! I might go share it on my blog later today.

  5. Glad you're home and had a good trip! We missed you!!! Can't wait for tonight!

    I have been having writing withdrawals too. NEED TO EDIT! I kept thinking of things to work on all weekend but had to stop myself.

    Also:the title to this post creeped me the crap out. If it wasn't you I wouldn't have clicked on it. I HATE things under the skin!!! YUCK!

  6. That happens to me too- if it's been too long, I get this longing to write. And then I write/edit furiously for like, a week straight. Then I back off again. Its like a push/pull thing.

    Can't wait for tonight- been looking forward to it all weekend!

  7. Sounds like you find the time to write whenever and wherever. Good for you! I couldn't see myself writing in those places but it's all to the good if you can. Hope it's going well back there in the forest.


  8. Glad you had a great weekend! Have fun getting back to writing--sometimes that's just the best feeling in the world!

  9. oh, yes. I get so itchy when I'm not writing, and then I had to do a super-fast review of a MS I hadn't looked at since Jan., and now I'm in love w/it all over again... :D

    Have a great week! Don't watch that movie Bugs. <3