Friday, March 4, 2011

FUN Friday

There are so many reasons I like this...but for me, the kicker is the title at the end. Wait for it.

This may be offensive to some (hint: MOM), but Colene and I find it hilarious.

For those of you who missed Joann Swanson's brilliant, witty post on February 28th, click HERE. It's a must read.

Kid Funnies:
I was teaching 3rd Graders City Wildlife this week. We learn about all the cool animals and insects that live in their own backyards. We learn what their special jobs are (usually involves what they eat) and why they are so important to have around. I have really cool props that the kids love. When we were discussing the owl, their important job has to do with what they eat!

Me: Who knows what owls eat?
Girl: Mice.
Me: Right. What else?
Boy: Rats.
Me: Rats, mice...what else do they eat?
Another boy: Leprechauns.
Me: Nope. They're not fast enough to catch Leprechauns.
Same boy: But you said they fly up to 40 miles per hour.
Me: They do! But Leprechauns move faster. (pause) And they can disappear. (pause) Because they have magic.
Same boy: And a pot of gold!
Me: That too.
Same boy: So the owl can grab that!
Girl: No. They can't carry a pot of gold.
Same boy: YES. They CAN. She said they carry two to three times their body weight.
Boy's Friend: Duh. Weren't you listening?

It's nice when your friends get your back. Especially when you're trying to debate whether or not an owl can in fact carry off a Leprechaun's Pot O'Gold.

How can I not love what I do?

Tomorrow, my bestie Mel and I are going to take the dogs on a lovely hike (7 miles)! We can hardly wait. Afterwards, they will look like this:

And tomorrow night is my Critique Group with my online besties - which is the highlight of every week!

Sunday...who knows what joys Sunday holds, but with a new pair of running shoes I'm pretty sure the track will be involved for at least a few miles!

What about you - any big weekend plans? Have a FABULOUS one!!


  1. Critique group is totally the highlight of my week as well!

    OMG, I never wanted to be a teacher (not sure I have the patience) but for moments like you get with the younger kids...I'd honestly consider it! SOOO funny. Man, I have hypothetical conversations like that still, though only with my mom cause other people think I'm nuts. :P

    OMG, I couldn't stop laughing at Owen Wilson! ANd then those kids. Yeah, it's offensive....but that's WHY it's funny!!

  2. Haha love Jimmy Kimmel. Great segment.

    I look forward to these kid stories. The stuff they come out with is too funny. At least they're taking it all in!

    Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead! Enjoy!

  3. Funny conversation about owls. And going to see Rango tonight!

  4. Ha! Hurray!!! You posted it!!! ^_^
    I love Crit group night! Have fun on your hike! I will be watching Kyle XY obsessively. Because, apparently it was a great show that was kept secret...from me...
    You kids are hilarious! I love kid school stories!

  5. "What about a cupcake?" I DIE. And yay for owls carrying a pot of gold! I can never get enough of kid logic.

  6. At first with the Owen Wilson video I was like meh, not offensive, (and was laughing at the sweet little cupcake and the 'can I lick the bowl?' and eating the stale old blueberry pie while you think about the chocolate cake and and) but that kid at the end... well, he knew what was going down. Awesome. Thanks for sharing Jennie B. and have fun on your hike!
    - Sophia.

  7. Your kid stories crack me up! Kids remember EVERYTHING. Minds like a steel trap, those ones.

  8. Bahahaha! Ah, LOVE the kid stories. I get all excited for crit group every Saturday too :)

  9. Ha, I love that owl/leprechaun story! You could use that for me and Colene's SPD blogfest!

  10. Oh my gosh, those guys are hilarious!!!! And I loved their logic...keeps you on your toes :)

  11. You have the smartest group of kids. Heh. They make me snort out whatever-I'm-having every time I read about them.