Friday, March 11, 2011

FUN Friday


Let's have some FUN!!

I love Katie Couric.

I'm not an American Idol fan (please don't hate me!), but for those of you who are, here's a fun video:

Teaching Dog Safety to First Graders this week, I held up a picture of a mom dog with her puppies and asked the class, "Is it ever a good idea to pet our mom dog when she's with her puppies?"
Little boy, "NO! Because she will think you're trying to jack one and she will bite you!"

I fear his momma is saving for bail money instead of college...


Lily and Bubba invented a new game this week - instead of waiting for me to take the toys out of the packaging, they discovered it was more fun to play with them still IN it.

Wednesday in her cat tree. There's a hole in the center of it. Her belly now hangs through it. Think someone needs to lose a little weight?

I am sick AGAIN (thanks to The Hubster for bringing this one home) so I think my weekend won't consist of much more than rest, writing, Crit Group and some Xena (hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get better).

What about you - any big weekend plans???


  1. That kid story still makes me laugh! It just goes to show kids pay attention to what they hear.

    Feel better, Jennie! I definitely think a weekend of R&R is in order.

  2. A day with your crit partners is a day WELL SPENT! Sick or not. I hope you feel better soon though. Being sick is no fun/good!

    Oh man... that kid is hilarious. I like how he's all 'she's going to think you're trying to jack one!' ahaha.

    And OH! Katie Couric!!!

    PS. Why do animals always like the packaging more than the toy???

  3. tee hee, I loved when the little boy looked at Couric and went "What are you talking about?" I think he was really offended :p

  4. Aww, feel better Jennie! I'm possibly going out tonight with a friend depending on whether her kidlet is feeling okay, and then collecting some books from the library tomorrow, yay. I am down to 2 books, and since learning I can read way more than I am currently, it is no longer sufficient! Have a relaxing weekend.
    - Sophia.

  5. Animals are so much like kids- babies like the boxes more than the toy too.

    Hope you feel better, and your voice gets better by Saturday!

  6. HAHAHA! Katie Couric laughing in slow motion was hilarious! I'm still giggling. I agree shaking your sillies out doesn't work but it sure is a lot of fun...

    "am I chattering your little kid world?" ROFL!

    I watch American Idol but just the beginning normally but this video was hilarious.

    And I just sent that story about Dog Safety to all my co-workers because I died laughing... My stomach hurts from laughing so hard!

  7. Ooops I meant shattering (blonde moment).

  8. oh! Sorry you're sick again! We'll be traveling this weekend--and LOL and LOL again! Wednesday cat w/her ole belly hanging out, and the little boy jacking a puppy... *snort*! :D good stuff~ xoxo

  9. Oh dear, Kitty Boss' belly hangs all around! But, she's also a giant kitty (tall, long, and very large boned).

    Loved the little boy's response :)

    I really hate that you're sick again. It seems to be going around and around this season :(

    Feel better and rest!

  10. The animals are so cute. Makes me want to get more pets.

  11. Katie Couric is hilarious! I love when she backs up in the hallway and starts walking again. I hope you feel better soon!