Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

This is Wednesday leaning out of her cat tree. She may look like just your average gray tabby cat, but she has many skills. Most of these skills, she uses for The Good. Okay, 'most' might be a slight exaggeration. Wednesday is a good little kitty, though, at heart. She loves her family, loves her sisters, loves annoying those sisters and she also loves to grant wishes. Every Wednesday morning, I will rub the side of the cat house and summon our magic cat!

My Wednesday Wishes for the week:

1) I want to win one of the two prizes in Nutschell's contest! She's got two great prize giveaways so hop on over here and be sure to say that I sent you so that I get an extra 5 entries! Follow her - you won't regret it. The thing that I love about Nutschell's blog is that it's informative, entertaining and has great pictures (think professional quality). She interviews authors, posts everything from book reviews to helpful writing programs (some of them FREE) to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She gives great linkage as well! If you're not following her, you're really missing out!

2) Magical Cupboards - everything organized, please! I go through them every six months and reorganize, but it would be so nice if I didn't have to. If I could just THINK it and it would happen? That would be...magical. And worth its weight in leprechaun gold. Or Goblin gold. It would save me several days a year. Everything exactly where it should be. If The Hubster is so kind as to put the dishes away (which he has been known to do!) in the wrong places (which he has been known to do!), it would magically jump to the cabinet it is really supposed to be in! I wonder how much time it would save me not having to look for missing items I need when I'm cooking? I wasted a good five minutes looking for the can opener on Sunday night. If we added up all the times I have to search for the certain soup pot I like, the steamer, the coffee scoop (seriously, we use it every morning, it should NEVER move), can opener, monster frying pan, garlic press, my favorite wooden spoon, I bet I'd get another few days in my year! Fantastic!

3) 50 degree lows. Don't be mad. I know most of you are laughing. It's not for me. I am blessed with with a warm house, warm clothes, a warm bed. But little kitty out there is not. He's sleeping in the dirt under a house and I'm not sure how warm he can actually get. We're set for a "storm" (which is truly laughable compared to what REAL storms are). I think he's got Upper Respiratory. I won't have a trap until the weekend. He's starting to look better. It's only been a week so not enough time to put on any weight really, but he's grooming daily, making regular appearances and exploring the area! All very good signs. I don't want him to make a downhill slide because of the weather. The crawl space isn't big enough that I can get under there and give him a blanket. :-( So I need the weather to cooperate!! It's not for me - you know I love the cold, rainy, wet weather. Think of the little kitty...

What about you - what are your wishes for Wednesday?


  1. My wish is that you get your wish for that little kitty. I hate seeing animals suffer.

  2. I hope your kitty does all right! And I would add magical refrigerator to your magical cupboards. A refrigerator that would get rid of all expired foods before they start to smell...ugh.

  3. I hope your kitty is okay, and that you feel okay after your surgery. :)

    I wish my son would stop getting strep throat, and that I could stop gaining so much weight with this baby. And you know, same old, same old, get a publishing deal, blah blah blah. ;)

  4. Ooh, my tupperware cabinet is awful. When I open it they all spill out, that's how bad it is. So I could use some magic organizing. I'm just lazy ;p

  5. oh, YES!!! 50-degree lows fer sure. I want to rub your cat and get some wishes fulfilled... I've got a list! :D xoxo <3

  6. Ohhh, poor Little Kitty. I hope he gets better. I'm going to worry about him now. But thank goodness he has you.

    We won't discuss my cabinets...or closets...or drawers. o.0 But magical cabinets would be delightful, indeed!

    I'll go check out that contest and help you get extra entires. :)


  7. I hope your cat is okay!

    Dude! I need more than a magic cupboard. I need a freaking magic room! I need everything in it to be organized better. Things get so messed up with school books everywhere and clothes! The only thing that stays organized is my bookshelves - maybe I have magic bookshelves and don't even realize it.... Hmm. That's Awesome!

  8. Aw, I hope the kitty stays warm! Breaks my heart just thinking about him.

    I wish my book would revise itself. There. I said it.

  9. Awe!! Poor baby!!! Be hoping you can catch him!! My boss built a cat house for my stray colony for the winter here. Every night before bed I would boil water and fill 2 hot water bottles and put them under towels and blankets in the kitty house. It stayed nice and snuggley warm for them. Maybe you can get him one of the igloo houses, put warm stuff in there for him and lure him in with food. Then, maybe, when he gets less skiddish about having you near (handling food around his "house" and the warm towels and stuff) he will be easier to catch?