Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feed the Body to Feed the Mind

We all have our favorite writery snacks. Mine vary - sometimes it's the salty goodness of Pop Secret Homestyle Butter Popcorn. Other times, it's my homemade pumpkin muffins (one Weight Watchers point!). Every so often, I need some sugary goodness like York Peppermint Patties. I buy the minis so I don't feel like I'm consuming as many calories (HA HA) when in reality I consume more!

My husband is the primary breadwinner (translation: He makes all the money). Because of him, I can have my non-profit. I can spend my days off writing. He puts up with an awful lot. The least I can do for him is to have a hot meal from scratch on the table when he walks in the door at night. I'm big on healthy meals. I'm also big on quick meals. Tonight, I made a Quinoa Salad with Dried Apricots and Broccoli. It was so easy, so quick and very delicious. I wanted to share the yummy recipe with you! Click here and don't be intimidated if you have never cooked Quinoa. I didn't include the tofu because quinoa had enough protein.

Another recipe that I make once a month - Dr. Oz's Spicy Chili. I use fake meat (Soy Taco) and canned chili beans with their sauce. The prep time is not 45 minutes. I use a food processor and toss the garlic, sweet onion and shallots in that (oh, I add shallots to everything!). Quick, tasty meal! I vary my writing schedule depending on the week and what is going on.

When I eat a meal like these, I find that my brain can go for hours into the night. I'm pretty sure it's the food and not the Pine Scented candles. The quicker I can prepare a meal, the quicker I can get back to my W.I.P. After sitting down to enjoy the food with The Hubster, that is.

What about you - do you have any yummy recipes? Any favorite writing snacks?


  1. When I'm writing I love the butter popcorn, the hot soup and oh man, I LOVE the desserts. Fill me with dessert and my brain can go on a marathon!

  2. Wow, those recipes sound interesting! I hate cooking, so it's rare that the fam gets a home cooked meal ;p But when I have the patience for it, is usually turns out pretty good. I'll keep those recipes in mind when I have an inkling to actually you know, cook.

  3. Favorite snack is Hot Tamales.
    And I do like to cook. Often it's Chinese food of some nature.

  4. Yum, popcorn. I could go for that right now!

    My favorite writing snack is dried fruit and/or dark chocolate. Things that give me a bit of a boost but that I can't overeat (which is a good thing).

    Since you mentioned muffins, I'd really like to make carrot muffins this week. If anyone has an easy recipe, let me know!

  5. chocolate! :d

    and have you tried the kettle corn? OMG. It is soooo goood... salty + sweet... mmmm~ :D

  6. Thanks so much for sharing the recipes! I still have yet to branch out from pastas and salads, but I'm looking to try something new, and these are great! Quick and easy is my kind of meal :)

  7. When I'm writing, definitely chocolate. Sometimes a bowl of Sun Chips.

    I love shallots and used to put that in everything too, until I got a little lazy.

  8. I keep trying to convince my hubs that if he would just let me stay home all day every day that I would cook and clean more regularly too! But...alas, he always knows when I'm lying...

    My new fav treat are those new little bite sized reese's cups (not wrapped, smaller than the tin wrapped ones).

    Popcorn is a close second though!! Nom!

  9. I'm a hummus fiend! Don't keep it in the house unless you want me to find it and eat it.

    But I adore cooking. I keep asking my mom for cookbooks whenever holidays or my birthday roll around and I'm always watching the Food Network.

  10. Bee - Sugar highs are almost as good as coffee highs! They got me through many a study night in college!

    Abby - If you ever try one, I'd love to know how it turns out!

    Alex - Those used to be my absolute favorite. But I pulled out a filling on one and now I'm scared to eat them anymore!

    Jennifer - I made these once and they went over well with the crowd:http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/healthy-carrot-muffin-recipe/index.html It's the only recipe I've tried, though.

    Leigh - I have a box of the Kettle Corn on hand for those sweet/salty moments. But I love love love getting kettle corn at the farmer's market. Theirs is the bomb!

    Meredith - Well, the Quinoa is a salad recipe. ;-)

    Kimberly - Sun Chips! I'm suddenly craving them. Shallots are my secret ingredient in everything!

    Colene - I've got the cooking thing down. The cleaning? Not so much. I like to clean once a week. The Hubster spent his day off vacuuming and steaming the floors (which I just did last Friday). Neat. Freak.

    Paige - I heart hummus! Have you tried to make it yourself? I keep trying but it comes out lumpy. I'm not sure what the secret to great hummus is. I think my grandma is rolling in her grave every time I make it wrong.