Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carefully Balanced Week

This is how my week looks. I'm carefully balancing all the things that have to be done. That long rock in the center is an unpleasant medical test that is looming large for Thursday. I have two more days this week to accomplish all the things that need to be done. Two. Many things. Not sure if the balance will hold. It's unclear how many days this procedure will put me out for. I may be able to suck it up and write while flat on my back in moderate discomfort (I'm looking on the bright side). Or I may be in too much pain to do anything other than ask my husband to wait on me hand and foot. Since the future is unknown, that leaves me two days.

Typical of Jennie, I bit off more than I could chew this week. I continued to add rocks and now...I'm dangerously close to the whole thing tipping over. In all fairness to me, not all of the rocks are my fault. I couldn't see that hiking Lily where I did on Saturday would result in something stuck up her nose. Vet appointment added to the plate to find it and remove it. In the meantime, listening to her constant sneezing and reverse sneezes is driving me up a wall. Then, we had a stray cat that is no more than bones take refuge under the neighbor's house. You know me, I can't just let it die. So I'm feeding it several small meals a day and shutting it in at night so a coyote doesn't make a small meal of it while I'm sleeping. Fingers crossed, I'll get it in a trap and vetted before Thursday. What will I do with it after the vet appointment? Um, not thinking that far ahead or those rocks are going to come crashing down.

I have the day off today, which is supposed to mean - windows open, candle burning, music on and rewriting. Did I mention coffee? Have I told my newest discovery? NO!?! Oh, if you love coffee, you have to find a Gloria Jean's Coffee Bean near you - or order it online! Chocolate Macademia Nut is apparently seasonal (who knew?) so you have to hurry. I've stocked up. It's worth getting out of bed for every morning. You must try it. If you lived close, I would make it for you. See, there I go adding another rock without thinking.

I'm starting to get anxious that I'm not going to have to write. That last rock being gently put on top? That's my rewrite. It might tip the balance and send the rocks crashing...onto my foot! Ouch! Or it might fit on there perfectly. I won't know until I try. We're going to see how many dishes I can keep spinning tomorrow. Or perhaps I'll take a few off - dusting, vacuuming, steaming the floors, laundry...one of the lower rocks. Or two. Or three.

It's all a balancing act at the moment. Let's see if this one last little pebble will tilt it or if it will hold.

How much is too much?

What about you - do you carefully balance out your week? Your list of things? Or are you one of those amazing no list people that I envy so much?


  1. Well, I don't have a list... but, honestly, I could really use one! I need one because I always loose track of just how much I have to do!

    Poor Lily! I hope the vet gets whatever's in her nose out okay. And good on you for taking care of the cat. I hope she's okay....

    And, I don't know what your surgery is for, but I REALLY hope you're okay. My thoughts and prayers are with you this week!

  2. Good luck on the doctor’s visit. Hope everything is well. Hope Lily’s okay and I hope the new kitty is healthy.

  3. Poor Lily with something up her nose! I don't know if that's something you could have helped by hiking someplace different. There's little bits of grit everywhere.

    But yeah, the dog who followed me around in Greece, it's actually sort of neat. Greece has a lot of stray dogs, a lot of them, so the government will round them up, vaccinate them, and put collars on them and then put them back out on the street, which sounds awful, but they become the country's dogs, so every in Athens will feed them and they're really smart. Dug followed us all the way across this busy street and when we came back, he did too, but he couldn't get on the median for the second cross light and traffic was coming, all the cars stopped for him so we could get him up with us and this other Greek man who just lifted him up in his arms. They love dogs in Greece.

  4. No list here. I live in chaos, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind. But I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

  5. Poor Lily and poor Jennie! I hope the two of you get taken care of this week and that you manage to maintain your balance.
    - Sophia.

  6. Look at you, juggling all those balls (er, rocks). Hope your medical test goes well and that you don't feel too crummy afterward. As always, you have a great attitude. Good for you for striving to find that balance! So important.

    This week, I only have one thing on my list: WRITE.

  7. Look at you juggling everything!!! I'm really impressed! I don't know how you do it! I'm so overwhelmed with all I have and reading this sounded like so much more!!!

    Good luck!!!!

  8. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers. Sorry about Lily and bless you for the kitty. Wow, I'm tired just thinking about all the rocks you're collecting! Be well!

  9. Ugh, I hate balancing act weeks! I hope everything goes well with yours, and that poor kitty!

  10. Oh, I definitely have to have lists! I need a central one though, because I scribble all over little scraps of paper by my computer, and then I forget to look at every one of them. LOL

    Good luck balancing! I'm doing my share this week, yep. :)