Friday, February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

It's FLASHBACK Friday! That's me in my groovy pants my mom made me holding my grandparent's neighbor's puppy. My love of animals started early! We always got our dogs from the neighbor's when they moved or the shelter and my dad had a "no puppy" policy so it was a rare treat when I got my hands on one!

The sonnet I bring you today was from my high school AP English class. While studying Mr. Shakespeare, we had to write a play and a sonnet. Since the play would be too long to post here, I went with the sonnet. It's tongue in cheek, in case you don't notice.

The Writer's Stain
I sit alone and ponder through the time
With empty page and inspiration gone
And never find a word or phrase to rhyme
My pounding head reminds me of a gong.
Attempt to write then mold into some shape
The careless blobs that form upon my brain,
That ooze on out and down around my nape
And leave what I have name the writer's stain.
And yet I find a way to use my pen
In capturing the necessary words.
Painstakingly I count from one to ten
I feel this sonnet is but for the birds.
At last I've reached the welcome end of this
And find it something I will never miss.

There were so many great things about growing up in the 80s. Commercials were a big part of that. I bring you a few of my favorites!!

Who doesn't remember the little jingle that began "Hello mother, hello father, greetings from Camp Hiawatha"?

This was a catchy little well as entertaining. I used mine as a night light for the looooongest time!

Remember McGruff the Crime Dog? This one was my favorite, but also freaked me out. They disabled the embedding on it so you'll have to click.

Here's another good one.

I love the old lady calling in the crime. Too funny.

Help take a bite outta crime!

Happy Friday everyone! Any big weekend plans?


  1. Nice groovy pants!!!

    OMG LITE BRITE!!!! I used to be SO jealous of all my friends who had those because my mom would never by me one even though I was all "it lights up and I can make pictures. MOM! IT LIGHTS UP! are you not hearing me!!!!" Yeah...

    And my mom and uncles totally made sure my cousins, sister and I all knew about the hello mother, hello father song!

    Nice sonnet!

  2. Those are some awesome pants! Very nice sonnet, too. I think my old school stuff is still floating around my parents' house. It'd be nice to dig it out and read through it all.

    I LOVE commercials from the 80's. I must have seen that Lite Brite commercial a million times. I even remembered the Downy one. And I miss old McGruff, wonder what he's up to these days? Gosh, I sure do miss the 80's! :)

  3. I love those pants! So adorable. And writing a sonnet about how painful it is to write a sonnet...brilliant. :)

  4. Love the pants! :)

    And LITEBRITE!! I loved those things. And I do remember "take a bite out of crime" too. Ah, the good old days. ;)

  5. Good sonnet! My favorite line: "My pounding head reminds me of a gong."

    Ah, Litebrite. I think I got one every year between the ages of 6 and 9 because I kept losing all the little lites.

    Such good memories.

  6. AHAHAH! Omg! I still have a light bright XD That commercial brought back some serious little kid flashbacks. Those walkie-talkie phone things are hilarious too. WOW. HUGE!
    This was awesome! I love your cute little puppy girl picture!

  7. Love that sonnet! And Lite Brite! OMG!